Farmville Lakeside Yuletide Farm - The Animals

Like every new farm, Farmville has designed a whole new set of animals to go with the Farmville Lakeside Yuletide farm... Check out this post for some of these unreleased images that The Dirt Farmer team has found for the Lakeside Yuletide farm....

To know more about the Farmville Lakeside Yuletide farm, don't forget to check out our Lakeside Yuletide Complete Guide  

Alpine High Pheasant
Alps King Deer
Artic Magic Unicorn Foal
Artic Magic Unicorn
Austria Belle Unicorn Foal
Austria Belle Unicorn
Austria Hat Turtle
Austrian Christmas Foal
Austrian Christmas Unicorn
Austrian Hat Badger
Austrian Masquerade Dolphin

Austrian Mouflon
Austrian Red Squirrel
Bavarian Christmas Calf
Bavarian Christmas Cow
Bavarian Deer
Bavarian Dress Llama
Bavarian Fawn
Bavarian Fest Giraffe
Blue Frost Dog
Blue Frost Unicorn Foal
Blue Frost Unicorn
Candy Cane Bison
Candy Cane Seahorse
Candycane Band Llama
Carolling Swan

Christmas Bells Deer
Christmas Bells Fawn
Christmas Cheer Fox
Christmas Costume Dog
Christmas Fairy Pegacorn Foal

Christmas Fairy Pegacorn
Christmas Festival Seal
Christmas Float Peacock
Christmas Gift Calf
Christmas Gift Cow

Christmas Glow Badger

Christmas Hat Alligator
Christmas Helper Meerkat
Christmas Host Pegacorn Foal
Christmas Host Pegacorn

Christmas Joy Seal
Christmas Stripes Elephant
Christmas Sweater Lynx
Christmas Wreath Foal
Christmas Wreath Horse
Christmas Wreath Pheasant
Classy Winter Lynx
Cold Winter Deer
Cold Winter Fawn
Conifer Foal
Conifer Horse
Cool Xmas Seal
Cozy Winter Foal
Cozy Winter Horse

Dirndl Dress Pegacorn Foal
Dirndl Dress Pegacorn

Drindl Beauty Pony Foal
Drindl Beauty Pony
Drindl Dress Calf
Drindl Dress Cow

Drindl Fashion Dolphin
Elf Girl Kangaroo
Elf Hat Duck
Elf Scarf Dolphin
Elf Sweater Bear
Frost Fashion Otter

Frost Sweater Marmot
Frosty Dress Pegasus Foal
Frosty Dress Pegasus
Gauderfest Foal
Gauderfest Horse
Gift Carrier Shark
Gift Helper Lynx
Green Christmas Calf
Green Christmas Cow
Hallstatt Meerkat 

Hallstatt Raccoon
Holiday Ball Llama
Holiday Bloom Unicorn Foal
Holiday Bloom Unicorn
Holiday Evening Panda
Holiday Gala Chicken
Holiday Happy Foal
Holiday Happy Horse
Holiday Host Crocodile
Holiday Joy Sheep
Holiday Ornament Foal
Holiday Ornament Horse
Holiday Plaid Cat
Holiday Red Foal
Holiday Red Horse
Holiday Spirit Fox
Jingle Bells Cat
Lakeshore Lynx
Lederhosen Bear
Lederhosen Panda
Little Elf Dog
Mistletoe Shark
Mountain Elf Hare
Pink Frost Fox
Pink Snowflake Goat
Plaid Xmas Seahorse
Polar Frost Foal
Polar Frost Horse
Purple Winter Sheep

Red Dress Beaver
Red Frost Badger
Red Legged Patridge
Red Riding Fox
Reindeer Dress Bear
Royal Viennese Elephant
Rudolph Gorilla

Rudolph Wolf
Santa Helper Penguin
Shepheard Sheep
Silent Night Goose
Slovenian Tiger
Snow Beauty Foal
Snow Beauty Horse
Snow Fairy Pegasus Foal
Snow Fairy Pegasus

Snow Globe Monkey
Snow Mount Dog
Snow White Kangaroo
Snowflake Whale
Snowman Elephant
Snowman Otter
Snowman Pattern Dolphin
Snowman Unicorn Foal
Snowman Unicorn
Snowy Hill Hedgehog
Sugar Cookie Turtle
Tracht Frock Unicorn Foal
Tracht Frock Unicorn
Traditional Xmas Goat

Tyrolean Folk Monkey
Tyrolean Hat Eagle
Tyrolian Dress Dog
Vienna Glow Chamois

Viennese Beauty Swan
Viennese Cat
Winter Angel Pegasus Foal
Winter Angel Pegasus
Winter Cap Badger
Winter Fairy Deer
Winter Fairy Fawn
Winter Fashion Monkey
Winter Harvest Mouse
Winter Hunt Bear
Winter Ready Marmot
Winter Shine Foal
Winter Shine Horse
Winter Tailor Monkey
Winter Tracht Calf
Winter Tracht Cow
Winter Traveler Foal
Winter Traveler Horse
Wreath Carrier Tiger
Wreath Maker Marmot
Xmas Dancer Penguin
Xmas Elf Bull Calf
Xmas Elf Bull
Xmas Fashion Elk
Xmas Gala Foal
Xmas Gala Horse
Xmas March Whale
Xmas Mascot Octopus
Xmas Mascot Sheep
Xmas Parade Calf

Xmas Parade Cow
Xmas Plaid Foal
Xmas Plaid Horse
Xmas Presents Bison
Xmas Shopping Goose

Yule Fest Calf
Yule Fest Cow
Yule Parade Sheep
Yule Party Fox
Yule Season Bear
Yule Season Reindeer
Yuletide Glow Unicorn Foal
Yuletide Glow Unicorn
Yuletide Lights Fox
Yuletide Party Foal

Yuletide Party Horse
Yuletide Unicorn Foal
Yuletide Unicorn

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