Farmville Spookstown Soiree Farm - The Animals


Like every new farm, #Zynga #Farmville has designed a whole new set of animals to go with the Farmville Spookstown Soiree Farm… Check out this post for some of these unreleased images that #TheDirtFarmer team has found for the upcoming Spookstown Soiree farm…

To know more about the Farmville Spookstown Soiree Farm, don’t forget to check out our Spookstown Soiree Complete Guide…
Autumn Beauty Peacock
Bat Costume Wolverine
Bat Print Shark
Bat Wings Llama
Beauty Queen Calf
Beauty Queen Cow
Bizarre Seahorse
Boxer Bull Calf
Boxer Bull
Broom Witch Unicorn Foal
Broom Witch Unicorn
Bubbly Potion Dog
Butterfly Dress Unicorn Foal
Butterfly Dress Unicorn
Butterfly Monkey
Calavera Catrina Bison
Candy Collector Cat
Candy Collector Meerkat
Candy Costume Foal
Candy Costume Horse
Caped Owl
Caped Rabbit
Card Queen Pegasus Foal
Card Queen Pegasus
Carnival Dancer Bobcat
Carnival Leader Foal
Carnival Leader Horse
Carnival Trainer Bison
Carnival Wizard Wolf
Chocolate Candy Foal
Chocolate Candy Horse
Cornucopia Bull Calf
Cornucopia Bull
Cute Magic Owl
Dapper Elephant
Dino Foal
Dino Horse
Emerald Witch Deer
Emerald Witch Fawn
Eyeball Paint Whale
Fall Fashion Swan
Fall Season Dog
Fall Season Dolphin
Fall Season Elk
Fall Season Whale
Fiery Soul Llama
Fortune Teller Pegacorn Foal
Fortune Teller Pegacorn
Freaky Halloween Calf
Freaky Halloween Cow
Ghost Dress Lemur
Ghost Dress Seal
Glowing Stripes Tiger
Halloween Candy Octopus
Halloween Costume Seal
Halloween Dress Bobcat
Halloween Knight Pegasus Foal
Halloween Knight Pegasus
Halloween Lantern Duck
Halloween Night Elephant
Halloween Party Dog
Halloween Party Pig
Halloween Pumpkin Racoon
Halloween Rabbit
Halloween Treat Elk
Halloween Witch Crocodile
Harvest Farm Foal
Harvest Farm Horse
Harvest Season Mule Foal
Harvest Season Mule
Harvest Season Otter
Harvester Foal
Harvester Horse
Ice Cone Foal
Ice Cone Horse
Jack Print Calf
Jack Print Cow
Kingdom Queen Unicorn Foal
Kingdom Queen Unicorn
Machine Unicorn Foal
Machine Unicorn
Magician Squirrel
Magician Witch Foal
Magician Witch Horse
Monster Hunter Duck
Mummified Llama
Mummy Dress Seahorse
Mystic Octopus
Night Queen Kangaroo
Parade Shopper Deer
Parade Shopper Fawn
Periwinkle Bat Cat
Periwinkle Witch Unicorn Foal
Periwinkle Witch Unicorn
Pie Maker Calf
Pie Maker Cow
Pineapple Hat Foal
Pineapple Hat Horse
Pink Fairy Sheep
Pink Horror Flamingo
Pirate Captain Foal
Pirate Captain Horse
Playful Poodle
Postman Rhino
Pumpkin Alligator
Pumpkin Dress Bear
Pumpkin Dress Meerkat
Pumpkin Dress Monkey
Pumpkin Farm Kangaroo
Pumpkin Farmer Gorilla
Pumpkin Fashion Calf
Pumpkin Fashion Cow
Pumpkin Fest Foal
Pumpkin Fest Horse
Pumpkin Fest Monkey
Pumpkin Festival Sheep
Pumpkin Harvest Eagle
Pumpkin Hat Gorilla
Pumpkin Hat Unicorn Foal
Pumpkin Hat Unicorn
Pumpkin Parade Dolphin 
Pumpkin Pattern Giraffe
Pumpkin Power Unicorn Foal
Pumpkin Power Unicorn
Pumpkin Scale Pegacorn Foal
Pumpkin Scale Pegacorn
Pumpkin Shades Calf
Pumpkin Shades Cow
Pumpkin Stripe Tiger
Pumpkin Treat Calf
Pumpkin Treat Cow
Pumpkin Witch Giraffe
Pumpkin Wool Sheep
Radioactive Calf
Radioactive Cow
Ringmaster Elephant
Scarecrow Bear
Scary Performer Monkey
Sea Mermaid Pegasus Foal
Sea Mermaid Pegasus
Shining Stripes Tiger
Skeleton Halloween Unicorn Foal
Skeleton Halloween Unicorn
Skeleton Lantern Cat
Skellington Kangaroo 
Skull Costume Monkey
Skull Head Octopus
Spiderweb Turtle
Spooky Cute Cat
Spooky Fair Foal
Spooky Fair Horse
Spooky Goose
Spooky Paint Elephant
Spooky Party Racoon
Spooky Treat Bear
Squash Shell Turtle
Star Force Pegacorn Foal
Star Force Pegacorn
Strawman Fox
Superhero Bulldog
Tiger Stripes Foal
Tiger Stripes Horse
Trickster Wolf
Witch Beauty Pegasus Foal
Witch Beauty Pegasus
Witch Dress Monkey
Witch Fashion Penguin
Witch Master Fox
Witchy Bison
Wyoming Farm Bison
Zombie Prisoner Seal

For more info regarding the new Farmville Spookstown Soiree farm, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer, and remember to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful . . .

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