Beat FarmVille Coastal Countryside

Time  to BEAT FarmVille  Coastal Countryside Farm & win our shipping license.  Your Dirt Farmer team has all the details for you. Please share...

For More information on FarmVille Coastal Countryside Farm, visit the Dirt Farmer's Coastal Countryside Complete Guide.

Complete all 15 animals in the Pacific Stable

Oahu Tree Snail, Hawaii Amakihi, Java Sparrow, Crested Honeycreeper, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Beach Day Cat, Hawaiian Poi Dog, West Indian Flamingo, Aloha Monkey, Exuma Pig, Feral Wallaby, Aloha Bear, Hawaiian Lei Cow, Tiki Horse, Surfer Horse

5x Unwither
Expand Seaview Tavern through Level 9
2,000 Coastal Points
Master the following crops to level 3

Cool Blue Anthurium, Paradise Flight Flower, Tropical Gardenia, Oceania Lily, Tropics Dream Flower, Island Hibiscus, Sunrise Plumeria, Mountain Naupaka, Sea Alpinia, Angel Wing Begonia, Deepwater Lotus, Annual Delphinium, Begonia Fairlady, Island Chestnut, Tropical Caltrop, Palm Glow Cherry, Periwinke Mango, Island Flower Pineapple, Tropical Custard Apple, Island Passion Fruit, Pacific Banana, Beach Hog Plum, Leafy Island Cucumber, Seawave Soursop, Waterworks Lettuce, Tropical Tondo Pumpkin, Rainbow Cranberry, Island Pink Orchid

2x Instagrow Potion
Improve the Tropic Workshop to Level 5
4,000 Coastal Points
All 4 tasks (Pacific Stable, Seaview Tavern, Crop Mastery and Tropic Workshop) Beat Trophy Coastal Countryside License
Coastal Countryside Shipping License and
Beat Trophy

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