Tropical Market Complete Guide


Here is a Complete Guide with all you need to know about FarmVille Coastal Countryside's Tropical Market main feature. Enjoy & please share...

For More information on FarmVille Coastal Countryside Farm, visit the Dirt Farmer's Coastal Countryside Complete Guide

Tasks to earn rewards will be available from August 31,2020 to October 12, 2020.

The Reward buildings will be harvestable for 2 weeks beginning on October 12, 2020

Below you will find links to our posts on each part of the Tropical Market Feature followed by an overview of the feature.

Tasks Video Guide 


& Rewards 

If you purchase early access to FarmVille Coastal Countryside, you will receive 20 extra passion fruits to sell each day during early access week.

We will do tasks to earn the balance of our produce.

We will be selling a different one of the following six crops each week. 

Passion Fruit Papaya Guava Grape Pineapple Starfruit

We will be selling them for market coins to progress through and earn rewards.

A Look at the loading screen

  • We will be able to trash tasks we don't like as normal and there will be 15 minutes wait for a new task after you trash one. 
  • Tasks for the FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape. cross promotion cannot be skipped with any currency. The only way to move on is to complete it.
  • There is no Farm Cash price for the cross promo land tiles currently - the only way to obtain them is earn them in FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape.
  • Storage begins at 30. You can  only upgrade using farm cash . The first several upgrades are as follows  

Farm Cash CostAdditional StorageNew Storage Total


A look at the tutorials for this feature.


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