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FarmVille Coastal Countryside has a 2nd main feature Build it Up! We will be bringing materials in our tug boat to build up our villa. This feature is similar to the Gift Rush feature we had on Santa's Secret Village.  Check out what we have learned and please share...

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For Dirt Farmer Katy's video guide to Build It Up click here.

Build It Up is currently coded to go live on August 31st, 2020 with the release of  the Coastal Countryside farm and end on September 28, 2020

Please remember that this feature can change at any time, before or after release at the will of the FarmVille Studio

Emma is here to be our guide through milestones and troubles as we hurry to gather materials and help build that villa.

 We will be able to collect every two hours. If it is the same as gift rush  the crates will NOT continue to accrue if we do not collect on time.

The number of barrels required to fuel the tugboat increases each time you hit the milestone. 

 If it mirrors Gift Rush - There will be  milestones of out of fuel  as our tugboat progresses. We will need Fuel barrels to move through the milestones. You  can craft them in increments of 1,3 and 5. Fuel barrels are  craft only with no option to buy or post.

5 Fuel Barrel
5 Fuel Barrel
Paradise Flight Flower Bushel
12 Paradise Flight Flower Bushel
Sea Alpinia Bushel
12 Sea Alpinia Bushel
Annual Delphinium Bushel
12 Annual Delphinium Bushel
None3 hrs
6 mins6 hrs8 hrs
1 Fuel Barrel
1 Fuel Barrel
Paradise Flight Flower Bushel
3 Paradise Flight Flower Bushel
Sea Alpinia Bushel
3 Sea Alpinia Bushel
Annual Delphinium Bushel
3 Annual Delphinium Bushel
None1 hr
6 mins6 hrs8 hrs
3 Fuel Barrel
3 Fuel Barrel
Paradise Flight Flower Bushel
7 Paradise Flight Flower Bushel
Sea Alpinia Bushel
7 Sea Alpinia Bushel
Annual Delphinium Bushel
7 Annual Delphinium Bushel
None2 hrs
6 mins6 hrs8 hrs

If you own just one piece of land - the free home area - and collect every 2 hours without missing a collection, you will get 12 gifts per day. The Home area does not count as a land expansion, so purchasing or earning only one will not give you additional crates.

Your degree of success at this feature  depends  heavily on the quantity of land expansions that you own. This feature ends on September 28th. If you rely entirely on free unlockable land expansions you will only unlock two within the time frame, on September 14 and September 21. Farm Cash land tiles will count at purchase. Consider this information and your personal gaming habits  when you determine how much to focus on the feature. If you don't want to purchase land, your chances would improve by unlocking as many of the land tiles from the Tropic Escape cross promotion within the Tropical Market feature as you can.

There will also be obstacles to slow our progress. 

There will be  times that the tugboat is blocked that we will need lighten it  to get across. To do so we need to lose some of the crates that we have acquired so far to lift the boat above the algae and rocks.

 If you do not want to spend your crates, there will be a wait time before you can progress instead. 

When the algae & rocks are cleared, you are back on your way.  

You will earn a reward as you reach each of the tugboat progress milestones. Some of the consumable rewards will repeat. Some will require more than one task between rewards.

Sunglass Turtle 2 Instagrow 2 Turbo
Beach Hat Llama 2 Unwither Floral Wings Pegacorn
Beach Party Goat Roller Blade Duck 2 Super Fertilizer
Tropic Crown Cow Hawaiian Garland Horse

There will also be a building reward that can be harvested for consumables depending on the total number of crates you accumulate. Even the Tropic Beach Hut will be difficult to obtain with only the free first land  and the 2  unlockable expansions that will be available in time to use for the feature.

Once we have finished all of the milestones, we can still collect crates until the feature ends to improve our consumable building reward.

Disclaimer: The following information was accurate for the Gift Rush feature. It should be close enough to give you an idea of whether this feature is doable for you, but exact numbers may have changed.

Tropical Beach Hut - harvest for 2 turbos - 500 crates at end  
Early Access (28 Days) minimum 17 crates per day
Free Access (21/days) minimum  23 crates per day

Alohan Beach House - harvest for 2 super fert - 2000 crates at end
Early Access (28 Days) minimum  71 crates per day
Free Access (21/days) minimum  95 crates per day

Tropical Beach Villa  harvest for 2 turbos and 2 super fert - 8,000 crates at end
Early Access (28 Days)minimum  285 crates per day
Free Access (21/days) minimum 380 crates per day

All 3 - 16,000 crates at end
Early Access (28 Days) minimum 571 crates per day
Free Access (21/days) minimum 761 crates per day

Below is gifts per day acquired with various collection times

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