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Starts June 22nd, FarmVille is trying really hard to sell land expansions on  the  The Bloom Gardens farm. Your Dirt Farmer team has discovered that they will be offering a land expansion package deal called Valley Of Flowers , including FOUR land expansions at a discount of 35% off. Check out the details below and please do share.

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The Valley Of Flowers! Land Bundle Discount is currently coded to begin on  June 22nd2020 and end on July 3rd, 2020

A look at the loading screen

The free 50 Wire Cutters per land tile purchased gift will also extend to this offer. These are for use in the Tulip Tournament.

You will be able to access the sale via an icon on the side of your screen or by clicking on the pictured set of tiles. 
The tiles are marked coming soon when you click on them, so they can't be bought prior to the sale.

The bundle will include 4 specific land tiles pictured above (Colors Corner ,Dutch Garden, Floral Countryside, Tulip Flush ). We  will be able to purchase the bundle for 300 Farm Cash.  All of these tiles would be payer only, they are not including any tiles that would eventually unlock for free. The 4 tiles woulds cost 476 farm cash separately, so the discount is close to (a small bit higher) the advertised 35%.

For more information on the rewards included with each land tile click here

The bundle will also come with a bonus reward, including a Pegacorn  and some consumables.

Please stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for more information.

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