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FarmVille's new  The Bloom Gardens farm has a second main feature called Jumbleville.  Similar to the Antiques Museum , we collect puzzle pieces to help Alex restore her storybook by harvesting crops and earn rewards along the way. Check out the Dirt Farmer guide below and please share...

For more information related to Farmville's The Bloom Gardens Farm check out The Dirt Farmer's Complete Guide  For Dirt Farmer Katy's video guide to this feature click here

The Jumbleville feature is currently coded to begin on June 15th, 2020 and end on July 14th, 2020.

You can access the Jumbleville feature via the 

icon on the right side of your screen.

A look at the loading screen.

Crops & Drops

Your odds of earning pieces will depend on two factors.  The FINDER you have. There are 4 levels  of finder offering increasing odds to earn rare pieces with each level. 

To obtain a higher finder, one needs to aquire more land expansions. 

You will also need to plant and harvest the required Bloom Gardens specific crops. Please note that not all The Bloom Gardens Crops will count. A list of those coded to yield parts for the feature is below.

Amsterdam Raspberry15 hrs 54 mins
Amsterdam Rose9 hrs 30 mins
Blue Bottom Cherry15 hrs 54 mins
Bonnet Pear6 hrs
Bronze Cherry Tomato23 hrs
Cotton Candy Hydrangeas8 hrs
Dainty Daffodil4 hrs
Dawn Freesia6 hrs
Diamond Pear15 hrs 54 mins
Dreamscape Crocus6 hrs
Florentine Cyclamen8 hrsWater
Ground Red Cabbage17 hrs 54 mins
Holland Celery23 hrsWater
Holland Lettuce12 hrsWater
Inverse Trail Carrot69 hrs
Mirror Glaze Grapes17 hrs 54 mins
Netherlands Crown Raddish9 hrs 30 minsWater
Netherlands Spring Onion23 hrs
Pink Garden Plum15 hrs 54 mins
Scarlet Amaryllis4 hrs
Silver Fruit Raspberry30 mins
Sunrise Strawberry46 hrsWater
Topaz Anthurium8 hrs
Tulip Sweet Pepper12 hrs
Vanilla Peach Daffodil4 hrs
Windmill Pomegranate12 hrs

As you harvest crops, you will find random puzzle pieces. If you get pieces that are already complete you can trade them in for pieces you need. Please not - we have not yet been able to confirm how many pieces you get per trade. 

You can work on one puzzle at a time. The next puzzle will unlock as you finish each one. Here is a look at the four puzzles . If you complete all four storybook pages, you will also unlock a bonus prize at the end.
Unfortunately the numbers on the second image are place holders, the real required numbers are in the separate table.

Piece 1Piece 2Piece 3Piece 4
Puzzle 150505050
Puzzle 2100100100100
Puzzle 3200200200200
Puzzle 4200200200200

Finally a look at the rewards for the feature. Each individual puzzle grants an animal reward at completion.

Daisy The CowPixie The Piglet
Maggie The HorseBilly The Goat

The bonus prize for completing all 4 puzzles is the Friends' Hangout.

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information

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