Farmville The Bloom Gardens Farm - The Animals

Like every new farm, Farmville has designed a whole new set of animals to go with the Farmville The Bloom Gardens farm… Check out this post for some of these unreleased images that #TheDirtFarmer team has found for The Bloom Gardens farm…

To know more about the Farmville The Bloom Gardens farm, don’t forget to check out our The Bloom Gardens Complete Guide

Amsterdammer Foal
Amsterdammer Horse
Beveland Cat
Black Tailed Godwit
Blossom Dress Deer
Blossom Dress Fawn
Bonnet Alligator

Braided Beauty Unicorn Foal

Braided Beauty Unicorn

Bruidegom Dog

Captain Ship Monkey

Chaperon Rabbit

Cheese Carrier Bear
Cheese Festival Monkey

Cheese Lover Raccoon

Cheese Maker Dog

Cheese Market Goat

Clog Maker Lemur

Cute Tulip Dog

Dance Band Lion

Dancing Beauty Pegasus Foal

Dancing Beauty Pegasus

Dutch Doll Chicken

Dutch Dress Penguin

Dutch Fashion Calf

Dutch Fashion Cow 
Dutch Flower Deer
Dutch Flower Fawn
Dutch Flower Fox
Dutch Fox
Dutch Gardener Pony Foal
Dutch Gardener Pony
Dutch Gardener Chicken 
Dutch Hat Dog
Dutch Hat Octopus
Dutch Headwear Foal
Dutch Headwear Horse
Dutch Lady Cat
Dutch Linen Badger
Dutch Model Gorilla 
Dutch Shoerider Cat
Dutchcheese Lemur

Dutchflower Llama

Dutchman Dog Festival Attire Frog
Fisherman Squirrel Flag Fashion Mule Foal Flag Fashion Mule Flemish Dress Fox Flemish Gown Pegacorn Foal
Flemish Gown Pegacorn
Floral Costume Duck
Floral Crown Octopus
Floral Dress Meerkat
Floral Wing Pegacorn Foal
Floral Wing Pegacorn
Flower Body Seahorse
Flower Dancer Otter
Flower Farming Kangaroo
Flower Party Owl
Flower Wings Pegacorn Foal
Flower Wings Pegacorn
Friesland Goat
Friesland Pony Foal
Friesland Pony
Frisian Costume Panda
Gouda Cheese Calf
Gouda Cheese Cow
Gouda Gorrilla
Holland Bison 
Holland Cheese Whale
Holland Dancer Fox
Holland Festival Calf
Holland Festival Cow
Holland Festive Swan
Holland Windmill Squirrel
Hollander Panda

Hot Fries Bear
Kings Day Duck
Kraplap Dress Bison
Lederhosen Foal
Lederhosen Horse
Lisse Garden Duck
Lucas Deer
Lucas Fawn
Maastricht Calf
Maastricht Cow
Marken Foal
Marken Horse
Marken Kangaroo
Marker Costume Bear
Middleburg Giraffe
Middleburg Pony Foal
Middleburg Pony
Mokummer Calf
Mokummer Cow
Monarch Rabbit
Native Netherland Fox
Netherland Flamingo
Netherlands Dance Unicorn Foal
Netherlands Dance Unicorn
Noord Dancer Tiger
Noord Holland Unicorn Foal
Noord Holland Unicorn
Noord Monkey
Noordwijkerhout Giraffe
Party Bloom Rabbit
Popsy Bison
Proposal Tortoise
Red Breasted Goose
Red Tulip Cat
Rotterdam Dog
Royal Dutch Lion
Royal Goose
Royal Gown Calf
Royal Gown Cow
Sessile Hedgehog
Soccer Fan Unicorn Foal
Soccer Fan Unicorn
Soccer Meerkat
Spakenburg Lemur
Speed Skater Monkey
Staphorst Deer
Staphorst Fawn
Staphorst Monkey
Staphorst Seal
Stroopwafel Giraffe
Tabbaard Pegasus Foal
Tabbaard Pegasus
Texel Sheep
Tipe Dress Foal
Tipe Dress Horse
Traditional Marken Unicorn Foal
Traditional Marken Unicorn
Traditional Outfit Pig
Tuilpcover Crocodile
Tulip Apron Foal
Tulip Apron Horse
Tulip Basket Calf
Tulip Basket Cat
Tulip Basket Cow
Tulip Bloom Deer
Tulip Bloom Fawn
Tulip Costume Crocodile
Tulip Crown Elephant
Tulip Crown Pony Foal
Tulip Crown Pony
Tulip Elephant
Tulip Fairy Foal
Tulip Fairy Horse
Tulip Farm Sheep
Tulip fashion Duck
Tulip Fashion Seahorse

Tulip Festival Foal
Tulip Festival Goat
Tulip Festival Mule
Tulip Flower Llama
Tulip Goose
Tulip Harvest Badger
Tulip Harvester Unicorn Foal
Tulip Harvester Unicorn
Tulip Masscort Rabbit
Tulip Picker Monkey
Tulip Princess Unicorn Foal
Tulip Princess Unicorn
Tulip Print Sheep
Tulip Tail Peacock
Tulip Time Deer
Tulip Time Fawn
Tulip Transport Foal
Tulip Transport Horse
Tulip Turtle
Tulip Wreath Shark
Tulipan Pegasus Foal
Tulipan Pegasus
Tulipan Whale
Tulipgarden Penguin
Tulipgirl Otter
Tulipprint Hippo
Tulipshell Turtle
Twirling Tulip Foal
Twirling Tulip Horse
Urk Dance Giraffe
Urk Fashion Bear
Volendam Dress Owl
Volendam Duck
Volendam Monkey
Volendam Swan
Volendam Tiger
Volendammer Pegasus Foal
Volendammer Pegasus
Vollendam Sailor Calf
Vollendam Sailor Cow
Water Splash Dolphin
Wentke Bear

Zaanstad Gorilla

Zeeland Kangaroo

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