Farmville Madagascar Trails Farm - The Animals

Like every new farm, Farmville has designed a whole new set of animals to go with the Farmville Madagascar Trails Farm… Check out this post for some of these unreleased images that The Dirt Farmer team has found for the Madagascar Trails Farm…

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Abstract Lemur
African Art Lion
African Bride Foal

African Bride Horse
African Print Octopus

African Print Ostrich

African Rhino

African Safari Zebra
African Safari Zebra Foal
Amber Cat

Ankar Fashion Deer

Ankar Fashion Fawn

Ankar Jacket Panther
Aqua Seahorse

Aythy Duck

Band Player Rooster

Baobab Monkey

Bigwig Dog

Boatman Pegasus

Boatman Pegasus Foal

Bonoro Dancer Giraffe

Braided Hair Monkey

Braided Mane Foal

Braided Mane Horse

Bronzer Peacock

Capulan Gorilla
Cocoa Chipmunk
Cotton Ball Sheep
Cowrie Dress Hyena
Cultural Dog
Cultural Duck
Cultural Meerkat
Customary Lemur
Dark Night Chicken
Dashiki Attire Otter
Dashiki Attire Sheep
Dashiki Foal
Dashiki Horse

Dashiki Shirt Hyena

Dashiki Suit Mule
Dashiki Turban Eagle
Day Dress Bear
Dazzling Cat
Dentist Bull
Dentist Bull Calf

Desert Queen Cat
Desert Warrior Camel
Doctor Peacock
Dwarf Star Foal
Dwarf Star Horse
Dzill Duck
Earth Elemental Unicorn
Earth Elemental Unicorn Foal
Ethnic Fashion Eagle
Ethnic Turban Turtle
Explorer Bear
Fashion Icon Lemur
Fashionate Dolphin
Fiery Jungle Cat
Fisherman Unicorn
Fisherman Unicorn Foal
Folk Fashion Swan
Forest Shadow Rabbit
Fulani Cap Meerkat
Fulani Hat Bison
Fulani Hat Turtle
Gombe Pegasus
Gombe Pegasus Foal
Graduation Pegacorn
Graduation Pegacorn Foal
Green Glow Calf
Green Glow Cow
Headmaster Unicorn
Headmaster Unicorn Foal
Headwrap Duck
Hiragasy Zebra
Hiragasy Zebra Foal
Home Land Hippo
Inland Elephant 
Kopftuch Walrus
Lamb Swan
Lambamen Zebra
Lambamen Zebra Foal
Librarian Unicorn
Librarian Unicorn Foal
Madagascan Pegacorn
Madagascan Pegacorn Foal
Madagascar Bear
Madagascar Cat
Madagascar Dolphin
Madagascar Foest Unicorn
Madagascar Forest Unicorn Foal
Madagascar Giraffe
Madagascar Hippo
Madagascar Party Duck
Madagascar Shark
Malagasy Chef Pegacorn
Malagasy Chef Pegacorn Foal
Malagasy Crocodile
Malagasy Farmer Foal
Malagasy Farmer Horse
Malagasy Fox
Malagasy Lion
Malagasy Ritual Pegasus
Malagasy Ritual Pegasus Foal
Malagsy Panther
Maxi Dress Pony
Maxi Dress Pony Foal
Mocha Unicorn 
Mocha Unicorn Foal
Modern Tribal Gorilla
Modern Tribe Foal
Modern Tribe Horse
Mountain Camel
Native Madagascar Giraffe
Ndebele Design Calf
Ndebele Design Cow
Ornament Peacock
Owanbe Style Foal
Owanbe Style Horse
Periwinkle Reindeer
Periwinkle Reindeer Fawn
Pharmacist Unicorn
Pharmacist Unicorn Foal
Pochard Family Duck
Poncho Elephant
Provincial Giraffe
Ranger Sheep
Reed Dancer Calf
Reed Dancer Cow
Regional Penguin
Rocky Road Calf
Rocky Road Cow
Rural Bride Calf
Rural Bride Cow
Rural Warrior Gorilla
Safari Turtle
Salak Pegasus
Salak Pegasus Foal
Savannah Pig
Sifaca Lemur
South Hat Cat
Spiny Hedgehog
Student Pony
Student Pony Foal
Sun Skin Foal
Sun Skin Horse
Surfer Pegasus
Surfer Pegasus Foal
Surgeon Calf
Surgeon Cow
Tanal Dolphin
Tanzani Hippo

Tourist Camel
Tourist Guide Pegasus
Tourist Guide Pegasus Foal
Traditional Hat Duck
Traditional Hat Foal
Traditional Hat Horse
Traditional Oryx
Traditional Rabbit
Trekker Bear
Trendy Giraffe
Tribal Blazer Wolf
Tribal Bride Deer
Tribal Bride Fawn
Tribal Guard Penguin
Tribal Hippo
Tribal Native Lemur
Tribal Punk Lemur
Tribal Rhino
Tribal Whale
Tribe Chief Foal
Tribe Chief Horse
Tribe Dancer Foal
Tribe Dancer Horse
Tribe Hero Pegacorn Foal

Tribe Hero Pegacorn 
Tribe King Eagle

Tribe King Elephant
Tribe Leader Foal
Tribe Leader Horse

Tribe Mask Turtle

Tufted Duck

Turmi Pig
Vanilla Bean Dog
Wild Forest Chicken
Zulu Attire Owl
Zulu Hat Elephant

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