Farmville Harvest Valley Farm - The Animals

Like every new farm, Farmville has designed a whole new set of animals to go with the Farmville Harvest Valley farm... Check out this post for some of these unreleased images that The Dirt Farmer team has found for the Harvest Valley farm...

To know more about the Farmville Harvest Valley farm, don't forget to check out our Harvest Valley Complete Guide...
40s Farmer Pig

Agriculturer Foal

Agriculturer Horse

Angling Gator

Angling Monkey

Apple Farm Duck

Apple Picker Pony
Apple Picker Pony Foal

Barbeque Cougar

Bee Farmer Foal

Bee Farmer Horse

Beekeeper Chicken

Beekeeper Fox
Cabbage Farm Gorilla

Caretaker Lion

Carnival Steed Foal

Carnival Steed Horse

Carrot Farmer Dolphin

Cattle Farmer Giraffe

Cheese Maker Foal

Cheese Maker Horse

Cob Farm Rhino

Corny Unicorn

Corny Unicorn Foal

Cotton Farmer Sheep

Country Farmer Donkey

Country Farmer Donkey Foal
Country Farmer Duck
Country Music Pegasus
Country Music Pegasus Foal
County Fair Calf

County Fair Cow
County Fair Possum

County Racing Pegasus
County Racing Pegasus Foal
Cow Farm Swan
Cowboy Cat
Crop Carrier Monkey
Cropcollector Meerkat

Cropguard Groundhog

Cropguard Piglet
Cultivator Panda

Cute Watering Foal

Cute Watering Horse
Dandy Sheep
Farm Dog
Farm Fair Pegacorn
Farm Fair Pegacorn Foal
Farm Technician Foal
Farm Technician Horse
Farm Worker Unicorn
Farm Worker Unicorn Foal
Farmer Festival Foal
Farmer Festival Horse
Farmer Festival Unicorn
Farmer Festival Unicorn Foal
Farmer Goat
Farmer Pet Pig
Farmfest Foal
Farmfest Horse
Farmhand Crane
Farmhand Ocelot
Fast Food Fox
Fisherman Foal
Fisherman Horse
Flamboyant Bear
Floriculture Unicorn
Floriculture Unicorn Foal
Florist Foal
Florist Horse
Flower Lover Cat
Flower Picker Foal
Flower Picker Horse
Flower Pot Deer
Flower Pot Fawn
Fresh Buyer Bear
Fresh Delivery Bovine Calf
Fresh Delivery Bovine Cow
Fruit Farmer Meerkat
Fruity Foal
Fruity Horse
Fuzzy Coat Pelican
Gardenfork Goat
Gardening Catfish
Garderner Beaver
Grape Stomping Foal
Grape Stomping Horse
Green Grocer Foal
Green Grocer Horse
Greenhouse Foal
Greenhouse Horse
Greenhouse Turtle
Grocer Owl
Harvest Squirrel
Harvester Bear
Harvester Coati
Harvester Unicorn
Harvester Unicorn Foal
Haughty Bald Eagle
Hedgetrimming Grizzly
Herb Picker Rhea
Herder Hen
Hipster Gardener Foal
Hipster Gardener Horse
Hot Air Balloon Unicorn
Hot Air Balloon Unicorn Foal
Hydroponics Foal
Hydropnics Horse
Ice Cream Rooster
Irrigation Penguin
Ladybug Pegacorn
Ladybug Pegacorn Foal
Lakside Swan
Line Dancer Foal
Line Dancer Horse
Longhorn Champion Calf
Longhorn Champion Cow
Lure Master Beaver
Market Trader Foal
Market Trader Horse
Mason Jar Cat
Melonfarm Fox
Mossgrown Foal
Mossgrown Horse
Nightshift Chimp
Old School Panda
Old West Unicorn
Old West Unicorn Foal
Outlaw Tiger
Painted Farm Unicorn
Painted Farm Unicorn Foal
Peacekeeping Bass
Picnic Table Foal
Picnic Table Horse
Picnic Tailfish
Plant Watering Calf
Plant Watering Cow
Planter Cat
Popcorn Vendor Unicorn
Popcorn Vendor Unicorn Foal
Poultry Farm Bear
Poultry Farmer Rooster
Preserver Kangaroo
Racer Piglet
Ragtie Deer
Ragtie Fawn
Ranch Hand Porcupine
Rancher Calf
Rancher Cow
Rancher Tiger
Rancher Walrus
Renaissance Camel
Rice Farmer Foal

Rice Farmer Horse
Rodeo Deer
Rodeo Fawn
Rootcrop Monkey
Scare Crow Pegasus
Scare Crow Pegasus Foal
Scarecrow Fox
Sophisticated Rabbit
Sorter Rabbit
Straw Chicken
Summer Hummingbird
Sunflower Basket Calf
Sunflower Basket Cow
Sunshine Collie
Suspender Hedgehog
Tallhat Shad
Town Sheriff Zebra
Town Sheriff Zebra Foal
Tractor Lion
Valley Wine Goat
Vegetable Foal
Vegetable Horse
Vegetable Picker Cat
Veggie Farm Lemur

Veggie Vendor Rabbit
Venus Trap Beaver

Vintage Vendor Bear
Western Sheep
Western Wood Cute Gorilla

Wheat Pegasus

Wheat Pegasus Foal

Wheatfarm Llama

Wrangling Ringtail

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