Animal Sanctuary 2020 Complete Guide

Starts May 18 - Did you enjoy it last year when  FarmVille combined the Farm Run multi farm  tasks,  Mystree type timing , Saving Seaboo type map restoring  new farm main feature orderboards and categories all into one big mashup feature called the Animal Sanctuary ? Well apparently enough of us played it that the  FarmVille studio is bringing it back for round 2. Our old friend David the Zoologist will be your guide as you restore sanctuaries and save the endagered animals within an order to keep them as rewards on  your farm.  There are also bonus rewards to be had along the way.Your Dirt Farmer team  has the scoop for you on what to expect. Check out what we have found and please share...

Please remember that this is an unreleased feature and can change at any time before or after release at the will of the FarmVille Studio.

Scroll down for the feature overview and click here for tasks and rewards.

The FarmVille Animal Sanctuary feature is currently scheduled to start on 18th May, 2020 and end on 15th June, 2020

A look at the loading screen

There are 4 sanctuaries,  one on each of 4 farms  and 4 endangered  animals to save.

       First let's have a look at the 4 sanctuaries, the farm locations and the animals we are working to save.

Namaste IndiaWinter WonderlandSavannah SafariWild West Ranch
Royal Bengal TigerIce BearSavannah ZebraWild West Eagle

  Each sanctuary will have four milestones to reach before the animal is rescued, safe & yours to keep .

In order to reach each milestone, we must give the animals food, habitat and medicine. 

Food Health Habitat

Royal Bengal Tiger

Ice Bear

Savannah Zebra

Wild West Eagle

The animals will require all 3 on a schedule, a 6 hour timer sets as you provide each at least 10 coupons. It will return to 6 hours each time you click but not go higher.  It currently appears that we will need to use an increasing number of each type of coupon to move through each milestone. 

The number of each type  of coupon required per milestone last time were. 100 per type for milestone 1, 200 per type for milestone 2, 250 per type for milestone 3 and 300 per type for  the final milestone.

This time the numbers are  higher as follows

MilestoneCoupons Per Type To  Next Milestone


Total2000 Coupons Per Type Per Sanctuary

 As the time deadline approaches, we will receive warnings that the animals are sick,  starving and unsafe (red BAD button). At these stages they required 10  coupons to rescue them last time. Now it is 30 coupons. The rescue coupons are in addition to the  ones we need per milestone. 

The coupon drops from tasks are still random from tasks - we got health and  food from the same craft. If you purchase coupons for farm cash, you can select what you want. Keep in mind that each pack you purchase is that coupon for that animal. Each animal has their own and if you have a lot of extra when you finish a sanctuary, you can't use them on a different sanctuary

It currently does not appear that we will be able to repeat animals or re-use the same farm. This may  or may not change when you have restored all 4 sanctuaries .

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  1. nothing plants i did'nt do it last year, most probably getting over doing it the year before

  2. 6 hours is the time before things go bad clearly they(Farmville)don't care that people have to sleep.

    1. Of course they don't. That's why the stupid do this, grow that garbage starts IT'S new day late at night when we are going to bed.

    2. Or to work - like I do

  3. What crop or shake and bake item generates which? Which are food, habitat, and whatever the 3rd one is?

  4. And to top it ALL off, we have a limit of buckets of water per day, and it's not the 10 we need, which is stupid! When does a freaking "day" start? Because I've not gotten ANY today. MY day starts when the sun comes up, not in the middle of the night while I'm asleep!

  5. You have to plant every 6 hours or the animal will go to the bad and make you use extra coupons to get going again. The crops are 8 to 12 hour crops so unless you use lots of insta grows you will be wasting coupons to get the animal out of the bad setting. Not worth it.

  6. i have planted over 1000 of all of the plants for the polar bear on Winterwonderland. Been working on it since the beginning. Not getting enough coupons for what I planted. I even planted whole farm of candied yams (over 600) and still says I need 37 or so more Not making any sense.


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