Farmville Bora Bora Isles Farm - The Animals

Like every new farm, Farmville has designed a whole new set of animals to go with the Farmville Bora Bora Isles Farm… Check out this post for some of these unreleased images that #TheDirtFarmer team has found for the Bora Bora Isles Farm…

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Aqua Floral Dress Foal

Aqua Floral Dress Horse

Barefoot Swan 

Beach Beauty Foal

Beach Beauty Horse

Beach Dancer Calf

Beach Dancer Cow

Beach Day Corgi

Beach Horn Elephant

Beach Model Zebra Foal

Beach Model Zebra

Beach Party Duck

Beach Performer Otter

Beach Resort Colt

Beach Resort Stallion

Beach Tribal Hippo

Beach Walker Foal

Beach Walker Horse

Beach Wedding Pegasus

Beach Wedding Pegasus Foal

Beachside Unicorn

Beachside Unicorn Foal

Blue Dress Penguin

Blue Polynesian Deer

Blue Polynesian Fawn

Bora Band Swan

Bora Beach Cat

Bora Beauty Foal

Bora Beauty Horse

Bora Bora Bull

Bora Bora Bull Calf

Bora Bride Pegacorn

Bora Bride Pegacorn Foal

Bora Bride Pig

Bora Dancer Goat

Bora Dancer Monkey

Bora Fantasy Foal

Bora Fantasy Horse

Bora land Magic Deer

Bora land Magic Fawn

Bora Lorikeet

Bora Music Seal

Bora Singer Dolphin

Bora Tribe Bear

Bora Wedding Goat

Cherry Melon Unicorn

Cherry Melon Unicorn Foal

Chieftain Lynx

Coastal Walrus

Conch Blower Unicorn

Conch Blower Unicorn Foal

Dancing Piglet

Explorer Beaver

Festive Dancer Tiger

Floral Back Turtle

Floral Traveller Foal

Floral Traveller Horse

Flower Girl Seal

Garland Dress Foal

Garland Dress Horse

Gentlemen Otter

Green Bora Foal

Green Bora Horse

Honor Guest Shiba

Hula Dress Pegasus

Hula Dress Pegasus Foal

Ink Hammerhead

Island Dancer Bear

Island Dancer Hippo

Island Fisher Hawk

Island Gram Turtle

Island Tribe Sheep

Leafcrown Duck

Lifeguard Crane

Lounging Primate

Maxi Mood Foal

Maxi Mood Horse

Mermaid Foal

Mermaid Horse 

Miss Bora Bora Penguin

Mohawk Dolphin

Native Alpaca

Ocean Wave Pagasus

Ocean Wave Pagasus Foal

Ornamental Cockatoo

Polynesian Bear

Polynesian Croc

Polynesian Wallfrog

Pukarua Atoll Unicorn

Pukarua Atoll Unicorn Foal

Rhythm Dancer Unicorn

Rhythm Dancer Unicorn Foal

Ring Bearer Foal

Ring Bearer Horse 

Ritual Bovine

Ritual Bovine Calf

Rustic Groomsmen Llama

Samoan Panther

Scuba Chicken

Sea Jelly Duck

Sentry Lioness

Shore Dwelling Swan

Sightseeing Porcupine

Silk Love Foal

Silk Love Horse

Sun Bathing Parrot

Sunbather Cat

Surf Photo Dog

Tahiti Aqua Turtle

Tahiti Calf

Tahiti Chief Pegacorn

Tahiti Chief Pegacorn Foal

Tahiti Colt

Tahiti Cow

Tahiti Dolphin

Tahiti Groom Unicorn

Tahiti Groom Unicorn Foal

Tahiti Leopard

Tahiti Pug

Tahiti Stallion

Tahiti Swallow

Tattood Turtle

Tiger Groom

Tiki Turtle

Togan Toucan

Tongan Beach Panda

Tongan Steed

Tongan Steed Foal

Tongan Walrus

Touring Unicorn

Touring Unicorn Foal

Traditional Tahitian Rabbit

Travelling Bovine

Travelling Bovine Calf

Tribal Pegasus

Tropical Groom Unicorn Foal

Tuamotu Pegasus

Tuamotu Pegasus Foal

Tuamotu Priest Pegacorn

Tuamotu Priest Pegacorn Foal

Ukulele Baboon

Vacation Crab

Vacationing Koala

War Dance Monkey

War Dancer Bear

Warrior Spider Monkey

Wedding Filmer Unicorn

Wedding Filmer Unicorn Foal

Wedding Guest Rabbit

Wedding Minister Pegacorn

Wedding Minister Pegacorn Foal

Wedding Performer Pegasus

Wedding Performer Pegasus Foal

Wedding Singer Dolphin

Wedding Tux Whale

White Tahitian Deer

White Tahitian Fawn

Wreath Jayden Bunny

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