Farmville Bora Bora Isles Complete Guide

The Dirt Farmer team brings you a complete guide for FarmVille’s latest expansion, Bora Bora Isles… Here you will find all links relevant to the new farm in a single place to make sure you don’t miss anything...

Early Access Paradise Resort

Honeymoon Cruise (UWR Building) Sandy Shore Stables (Self Contained Crafting)
Tiki Workshop
(Crafting Cottage Recipe Guide)
Crop Yield Chart Complete Guide Community Goals
Treasure and Parts By Expansion Starter Packs Beat Bora Bora Isles Animals
Breeding Pens
and Buildings
with a Purpose
Buildings Characters Decorations

Trees Unwither Rings Vehicles Level Up Gifts and Double Point Statue
Land Expansion Guide Land Unlock Requirements Chapter 1 Quest Guide Chapter 2 Quest  Guide

Sneak Peek Neighbor Gifting Event 1 Neighbor Gifting Event 2 Preview Videos
DF Katy’s Video Guide to  DF Katy’s Video Guide to Crops DF Katy’s Video Guide to Tropical Ever After Music and Video Tour
Katy’s Sneak
Peek Video

Tropical Ever After Tasks
Weekly & Final Rewards Overview
Facebook Event
Guide to Joining our Groups and Family Dirt Farmer Bytes Land Bundles
Misc Misc Misc


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  1. I cant get my tropical ever after quest to open up and when i do click on it it freezes my farm. Im not having any trouble with any of my other farms. Any suggestions?


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