End Of Winter Sale Coming - Discounts On Land Expansions!

Starts February 17th - Winter begins to wane and the FarmVille studio wants to get you excited for some spring farming! They're getting ready to offer an end of winter sale with deep discounts on land expansions, one day offers for each of 4 different farms. Check out the unreleased images that we have found and please do share.....

Please note that this is an unreleased feature and we currently have access to images only. As always the farms, dates and discounts may change, before or after release , at the will of the FarmVille Studio. The currently expected dates of the sale are from February 17th - February 20th, 2020.

Before the feature rolls out we will see each farm, the date it will be offered and the amount of the discount. Current images show 80% off discounts for Australia, Haunted Hollow and The Winter Noel,  Finishing off the four day sale will be a 70% off discount on the more recent Coco Wonderland. 

As each day of the sale passes, the prior day will show expired, so it is easy to tell what is on sale today,

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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