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Starts January 20th -Farmville will soon release their next new farm. This time around, we’ll be going to Harvest Valley for an old style farm experience with some unusual twists in the main feature. Early access will begin on January  20th ,2020 You will be able to purchase Early Access for 45 farmcash, and claim its rewards. The Dirt Farmer has gathered the details for you, so dive right in, and be sure to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.

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First, we have a look at the loading screen: 
Next, the pop up we’ll receive on our farms once the event is live:

Now let’s discuss some of the benefits we’ll receive for early access. First, we can expect the usual free fuel and double bushels for the week.


Pomato Bushel5 x Fuel


  We will also have 3 exclusive crops for those who purchase Early Access:

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
Montana Cudu
Succotash Bean

For Early Access, we will receive a number of prizes, including a Harvest Valley starter pack, which is full of helpful items (for more information about Starter Packs, click here). Below, you will find all the prizes for purchasing Early Access:

It appears that the 40 Avocado gift will be DAILY for the EA week. (Some players did not get day one after clicking claim so we are unsure If the other days will work.

Valley Combine

40 Avacados per day for the Farmer's Market feature.
Farmer Festival Horse

 Male Costume
 Female Costume
 400 Harvest Valley Points (in starter pack)

6 Cement Bricks (in starter pack)
6 Glass Panes Tool (in starter Graipack)

6 Building Cement (in starter pack)

16 Grain Scoops (in starter pack)
16 Gardening  Hoe (in starter pack)
Step Farming Tree (in starter pack)
Floating Duck House (in starter pack)
Cultivator Panda (in starter pack)
Harvest Valley Pack

So what do you think? Will you be purchasing access to the new Harvest Valley? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share the post with friends

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