Farm Run December, 2019 - Hawaiian Paradise

Starts December 23  -  Each stage of the FarmVille Farm Run December, 2019 has boards  of  4 tasks worth 25 points per board to help you finish the feature. There will also be unique rewards. Check out Hawaiian Paradise's below  and please do share.....

Crop Tasks

Crafting Tasks

 Questions with answers 


You must finish the FOUR tasks on your board to earn 25 points. There are no separate points awarded per task.

First a look at the order board. There are FOUR tasks per board. As seen in the image below, if you do not want to do a specific task, you can trash it, and another will appear in its place in 2 hours. When you complete a task, it will remain blank until you have completed all for sections on the board. When you complete all four tasks on a board, you will be awarded 25 points, as you can see at the bottom of the board.

In the below image there is also a tracker below the board. You can use this to determine where you are toward the next prize or finishing the feature.

Now for a look at the tasks.
Spend 5,000 coconuts.

10,000 Coconuts

Harvest the Volcano Reef  1 time.

Collect 7 Sandy  Stamps (yes the game will allow enough clicks to get all in one post.)

Crop  harvesting tasks. Here  a list of the  crops and quantity required.  For crop times click here and search the crop by name.

Crop Tasks

Remember that these crops can pop up in any RANDOM order.
Unless otherwise noted, these crops cost COCONUTS. 

 In rare cases thru the farm run, the  same crop will be required in two different amounts for two different tasks. If so it will be listed in the table twice. 

Crop NameTotal

Ono (Water Crop)600
Hawaiian Orchid400
Lemon Balm (All Farm Coin Crop)1,200
Mussels (Water Crop)1,000
Yellow Hibiscus1,200
Kona Coffee1,000
Rock Crab (Water Crop)600
Yellowfin Tuna (Water Crop)600

Crafting Tasks

Crafting tasks. Here is a list of the crafts & quantity required.  These are crafted in the Tiki Bar. For craft times & recipes click here
Remember that these crafts can pop up in any RANDOM order.

Craft NameTotal

Red Pineapple3
Coffee & Cream3
Coconut Blue Hawaiian4
Mussel Poke3
Plantation Ice Tea3
Island Fried Rice2
Seaweed Soup4
Steamed Crab3
Taro Croquette2
Island Punch2


 Questions with answers

 You will be given sets of three questions to answer to earn bonus points as a mini game within the feature.

Question NumberQuestionAnswer

1Which of these cool cats will you find in Hawaiian Paradise?Aloha Cat
Aloha Cat
2Which of these cool dolphins will you find in Hawaiian Paradise?Aloha Dolphin
Aloha Dolphin
3Pick the crop from the lotRock Crab
Rock Crab
4Which of these is a Hawaiian Paradise crop?Hilo Pineapple
Hilo Pineapple
5Which of these is a Hawaiian Paradise Fence? Hibiscus Fence

Hibiscus Fence
6Pick the Gnome from Hawaiian Paradise.Aloha Gnome
Aloha Gnome
7Which Unwither ring belongs to Hawaiian Paradise?Unwither Ring
Unwither Ring
8Pick the building deco from Hawaiian Paradise.
Shave Ice Store
Shave Ice Store
9Which Fountain will you find on Hawaiian Paradise?Flower Fountain
Flower Fountain
10Which recipe will you craft in the Tiki Bar?Island Fried Rice
Island Fried Rice
11Which recipe will you craft in the Tiki Bar?Pineapple Sunrise
Pineapple Sunrise
12Pick the Hawaiian TractorHawaiian Tractor
Hawaiian Tractor
13Pick the Water Combine released with Hawaiian Paradise.Water Combine

Water Combine
14Which of these is not a Hawaiian Water Crop?Taro
15Which of these is a Water animal?Clown Fish


Now for a look at the rewards for the Hawaiian Paradise  leg of the farm run

At 700 points you will earn the Beach Ready Chicken.


At 800 points you will earn the Beach Dancer Sheep

At 950 points you will earn the Shack Owner Horse

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