Santa's Secret Village Gift Rush Complete Guide

Starts December 2nd - FarmVille Santa's Secret Village,  like Coco Wonderland and SpookOween before it will have 2 main features.  Unlike Fishing Frenzy and Antique Museum , The Gift Rush is a limited edition feature. We will have about 4 weeks to complete the meter and earn as many gifts as we can for the best final rewards. Check out what we have found and please do share...

For more information on FarmVille the  Santa's Secret Village farm, check the Dirt Farmer's  Santa's Secret Village Complete Guide.

For Dirt Farmer Katy's Video Guide To Gift Rush Click here.  

The Gift Rush is currently coded to go live on December 2nd, 2019 with the release of  the Santa's Secret Village farm and end on December 30, 2019

Please remember that this feature can change at any time, before or after release at the will of the FarmVille Studio

Santa's Elf is here to be our guide through milestones and troubles as we hurry to gather gifts and help Santa deliver them.

 We will be able to collect every two hours. It appears that the gifts will NOT continue to accrue if we do not collect on time.

Arrival First Click Collecting 7 hours later brought total to 13.
Collecting another 2 hours later
brought total to 14

The reason for getting 12 on the first click is so we can complete the roadblock section of the tutorial. 

You will not see a timer in the tutorial, it will begin with the next road block . There is also a DRASTIC change in number of gift required. 

If you own just one piece of land - the free home area - and collect every 2 hours without missing a collection, you will get 12 gifts per day. To unblock this roadblock with gifts would take every single gift you got from FOUR DAYS of collecting. 

The next roadblock is even more difficult. You  need to use 72 gifts or wait TWO DAYS. 

If you choose to wait out the timer, you will still be able to collect gifts towards the final rewards, just not progress on the sleigh meter.

Your degree of success at this feature  depends  heavily on the quantity of land expansions that you own. This feature ends on December 30th. If you rely entirely on free unlockable land expansions you will only unlock two within the time frame, on December 16 and December 23. Farm Cash land tiles will count at purchase. Consider this information and your personal gaming habits  when you determine how much to focus on the feature.

 There will be  milestones of broken sleigh in the Gift Rush. We will need skis to move through the milestones. You  can craft them in increments of 1,3 and 5. Skis are currenly craft only with no option to buy or post.

5 Golden Ski
5 Golden Ski
Christmas Cactus Bushel
12 Christmas Cactus Bushel
Pot Marigold Bushel
12 Pot Marigold Bushel
English Primrose Bushel
12 English Primrose Bushel
None3 hrs
6 mins6 hrs8 hrs
1 Golden Ski
1 Golden Ski
Christmas Cactus Bushel
3 Christmas Cactus Bushel
Pot Marigold Bushel
3 Pot Marigold Bushel
English Primrose Bushel
3 English Primrose Bushel
None1 hr
6 mins6 hrs8 hrs
3 Golden Ski
3 Golden Ski
Christmas Cactus Bushel
7 Christmas Cactus Bushel
Pot Marigold Bushel
7 Pot Marigold Bushel
English Primrose Bushel
7 English Primrose Bushel
None2 hrs
6 mins6 hrs8 hrs

The number of skis required to fix the sleigh increases each time you hit the milestone. 

There will also be obstacles to slow our progress. 

There will be  times that the sleigh is blocked that we will need help to get across. To do so we need to use some of the gifts that we have acquired so far to get help from the townspeople to clear the road block. If you do not want to spend your gifts, there will be a wait time before you can progress instead. When the roadblock is cleared, you are back on your way.  

There will also be times when the sleigh breaks down.

This will require using extra skis to repair the sleigh.

At 30 Skis, instead of a reward you get a notice to use your gifts to unlock the next milestone and reward

You will earn a reward as you reach each of the sleigh progress milestones. Some of the consumable rewards will repeat. Some will require more than one task between rewards.

Ice King Horse 2 Instagrow 2 Turbo
Pine Fashion Horse 2 Unwither Snow Camo Unicorn
Race Winner Pegacorn Snowboarding Unicorrn 2 Super Fertilizer
Sleigh Puller Horse Snow Parade Unicorn

There will also be a building reward that can be harvested for consumables depending on the total number of gifts you accumulate. Even the Elf's Cabin will be difficult to obtain with only the free first land  and the 2  unlockable expansions that will be available in time to use for the feature.

Once we have finished all of the milestones, we can still collect gifts until the feature ends to improve our consumable building reward.

As we progress in the feature, our little elf friend will travel around the farm stopping at flag milestones.

A look at the track.


He starts at the  lower right side of the farm.

The next rock roadblock is visible on the track 

Proceeds around the track

Until he reaches the finish line and the meter is complete. At that point your only concern is to collect gifts to improve your end of feature reward.

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