Bob's Berry Farm - Ring In 2020 With A Colorful Mix

Starts December 31st -  . The FarmVille Studio is all ready to ring in a new year and a new decade with a new update to the Bob's Berry Farm Feature. Bright and vivid animals and decorations are ready for the new decade's blast of fun.  As usual we have a mixture of new and old items... Get ready to plant, craft and earn those berries. These items will be available in the Berry Market from December 31st, 2019  to February 15th, 2020. Check out the details below and please do share....

For more details on how to earn berries, including crop & craft quantities to pre-plan visit the Dirt Farmer's complete guide to Bob's Berry Farm.

Thug Badger  (new) Snacking Beaver(new) Desert Prepared Bull
80 Berries 70 Berries 80 Berries
Lightening Camel (new) Trekking Duck Mischief Goat (new)
70 Berries 70 Berries 100 Berries
Cunning Militia Fox Gardener Gnome Painter Gnome (new)
70 Berries 30 Berries 30 Berries
Rich Horse (new) Torpid Horse Baby Doll Panda
200 Berries 200 Berries 70 Berries
Hipster Boombox Panda Floral Box Pig (new) Travellers Globe (new)
70 Berries 70 Berries 20 Berries 
Free Spirit Unicorn (new) Legendary  Wolf Yummy Watchtower
200 Berries 80 Berries 60 Berries

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