FarmVille VIP ReVamp

It looks like FarmVille  is trying to drum up renewed interest in the VIP farm cash discount program. They're offering a reward for current members and a chance to rejoin at their prior level if they return to the program. Check out the unreleased images we have for you and please share our post if you like it ...

A closer look at the rejoin level benefits.  As you can see by the variance in benefits, it appears that folks will be able to rejoin at the level they left at.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Plan to share since several friends have said they were dropped off the program for various reasons.

  2. I tried to subscribe, but it's not working. Maybe I have to wait until my paypal payment gets processed? I received the invoice from paypal, Facebook has me as subscribed, but there is no change in the game. The game account is different from the email I am commenting with

  3. I just got a email that said my VIP membership was cancelled by the developer. 11-12-19


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