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Farmville will soon be releasing its next new expansion. This time were getting ready for some winter magic at Santa's Secret Village with the all new Christmas Farm.  As with all new farm expansions Sant's Secret Village Farm will have it's own unique Animals fitting the theme of the farm. Check out The Dirt Farmers post for sneak peek at the images we have found for you, and don't forget to share with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information on Farmville's Santa's Secret Village Farm, Check out the Dirt Farmers Complete Guide.

General Animals
Holiday Baby Seal Christmas Polar Bear Christmas Tree Bear Cosy Polar Bear
Holiday Polar Bear North Pole Bear Snowboarder Bear Toymaker Bear
Snow Beard Lion Christmas Gift Crow Cosy Owl Cosy Snow Owl
Little Auk Helper Wolly Cormorant Xmas Eagle Christmas Gift Cat
Winter Costume Chimpanzee Christmas Ready Dog Cosy Dog Santa's Pet Dog
Snow Ride Husky Tree Light Dog Winter Coat Dog Winter Costume Dog
Party Hat Dolphin Reindeer Dressed Dolphin Christmas Bow Duck Hot Cocoa Duck
Snow Party Duck Christmas Memory Elephant Light Tail Fox Santa Hat Fox
Festive Season Crane Holiday Cookie Lynx Misletoe Angler Polka Dot Puffin
Rudolph Snail Snowey Meerkat Yuletide Caribou Christmasy Giraffe
Wreaths Dressed Giraffe Christmas Pine Goat Polar Goose Snowman Gorilla
Snow Toddler Kangaroo Winter Gift Llama Christmas Town Mammoth Winter Ready Monkey
Warm Fur Moose Hearty Cheese Mouse Jolly Musk Ox Snowman Panda
Christmas Party Penguin Cute Muffler Penguin Elvish Penguin Ice Cutter Pengwin
Santa Penguin Warm Penguin Jingle Bell Piglet Snow Fairy Pig
Warm Pig Christmas Rabbit Christmas Cap Rabbit Christmas Party Rhino
Polar Dream Rhino Winter Wear Rooster Jingle Bells Seal Red Nosed Seal
Christmas Sheep Christmas Heels
Sant's Gift Sheep Skier Sheep
Great Luck
Elf Costume Swan Winter Lover Swan Gift Bearing Turtle
Christmas Wrap Walrus Xmas Hat Walrus Snow Dusted Whale Cute Christmas Wolf
Snow Wolf Winter Storm Wolf . .
Chickens and their Eggs

Poultry Nick Chicken Snow Feather Chicken Winter Elf Chicken
Poultry Nick Chicken Egg Snow Feather Chicken Egg Winter Elf Chicken Egg
Bulls Cows and Calves
Frost Bull Costume Holiday Wreath Bull Jingle Bell Cow Decorator Cow
Xmas Bell Cow Rudolph Cow Santa's Cow        Santa Mountain Yak
      Xmas Bell Calf        Rudolph Calf        Santa’s Calf        Santa’s Mountain Yak Calf
       Jolly Musk Ox Calf
Deer and Their Fawns

Celebration Candle Deer  Christmas Card Deer Christmas Sweet Deer Ice Horn Deer
Santa Gift Deer Santa Mystic
Reindeer Deer
. .
Celebration Candle Fawn Christmas Card Fawn Christmas Sweet Fawn Ice Horn Fawn
Santa Gift Fawn Santa Mystic
Reindeer Fawn
. .
Horses Donkeys and their Foals

Gift Bag Donkey Snow Party Donkey Christmas Cherry
Christmassy Horse
Dreamy Winter Horse Green Elf
Saintly Steed Santa Gift
Snow King Horse Winter Dream Horse Yule Parade Horse .
Gift Bag Donkey
Snow Party Donkey Foal Christmas Cherry Foal Christmassy  Foal
Dreamy Winter Foal Green Elf Foal Saintly Steed Foal Santa Gift Foal
Santa Gift Foal Winter Dream Foal Yule Parade Foal .

Pegacorns Pegasus and their Foals
Holiday Party Pegasus Porcelain Pegasus Winter Star Pegasus
Holiday Party Pegasus Foal Porcelain
Pegasus Foal
Winter Star
Pegasus Foal
Pony's Stallions Unicorns and their Foals
Santa's Deer Pony Snowball Pony Christmas Gifts Unicorn Christmas Special Unicorn

Holly Leaf Unicorn
Merry Unicorn Royal Winter
Winter Braid
Santa's Pony
Pony Foal
Pony Foal
Christmas Gifts Unicorn Foal Christmas Special Unicorn Foal
Holly Leaf Unicorn Foal Merry Unicorn Foal Royal  Winter
Unicorn Foal
Winter Braid
Unicorn Foal
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info
Happy Farming

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