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Starts November 4 - Did you ever wonder what we would get if FarmVille combined the Farm Run multi farm  tasks,  Mystree type timing , Saving Seaboo type map restoring  new farm main feature orderboards and categories all into one big mashup feature?  Well apparently the FarmVille studio did because here we are with the Animal Sanctuary. Our old friend David the Zoologist will be your guide as you restore sanctuaries and save the endagered animals within in order to keep them as rewards on  your farm.  There are also bonus rewards to be had along the way.Your Dirt Farmer team  has the scoop for you on what to expect. Check out what we have found and please share...

Please remember that this is an unreleased feature and can change at any time before or after release at the will of the FarmVille Studio.

Scroll down for the feature overview and click here for tasks and rewards.

The FarmVille Animal Sanctuary feature is currently scheduled to start on 4th November, 2019 and end on 2nd December, 2019.

A look at the loading screen

There are 4 sanctuaries,  one on each of 4 farms  and 4 endangered  animals to save.

       First let's have a look at the 4 sanctuaries, the choice of locations and the animals we are working to save.

Hawaiian Paradise Jade Falls  A Winter Noel Australia
White Jaw Rhino Snuggy Panda Snow Leopard Monti Koala

Farms appear in a drop down menu. 

  You choose an animal and a farm to work on until it is rescued. While the Snuggy Panda Sanctuary has a Jade Falls theme to it, we were able to choose the Winter Noel to work on it.

  Each sanctuary will have four milestones to reach before the animal is rescued, safe & yours to keep .

In order to reach each milestone, we must give the animals food, habitat and health/shelter.


We will need to use coupons to provide these items. There are specific coupons to tend each category. Coupon types  appear to be a random drop. Harvesting 5 of the same animal 4 times yielded 10 coupons for each harvest of 5, but only for  food and habitat. We did not get any for health/medicine from this task.

The animals must be fed every 24 hours. There will be a countdown timer to let you know how long you have left to feed them.  It currently appears that we will need to use an increasing number of each type of coupon to move through each milestone. 

Let's take a look at how many coupons per type are needed for each milestone.

Total Food Coupons Needed 
Total Habitat Coupons Needed 
Total Medicine Coupons Needed 
Milestone 1100100100
Milestone 2200200200
Milestone 3250250250
Milestone 4300300300

 As the time deadline approaches, we will receive warnings that the animals are sick, unsafe and starving in that order. At these stages they will require 10 coupons to rescue them. The rescue coupons appear to be in addition to the  ones we need per milestone. We will update this post when we can confirm or refute this detail

It currently does not appear that we will be able to repeat animals or re-use the same farm. This may  or may not change when you have restored all 4 sanctuaries .

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  1. Started on Jade...Only see the middle about half of the page.. no matter what I do...So much work for so little reward...Not going to keep doing it


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