FarmVille SpookOween The Antique Museum Complete Guide

FarmVille's new  Spookoween farm has a second main feature called the Antique Museum. This one is a little different as it starts with the farm and does not currently have a visible end date, meaning we can take our time with this one. We restore antiques by harvesting land crops and earn rewards along the way. Check out the Dirt Farmer guide below and please share...

For more information related to Farmville's Spook O Ween Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer's complete guide

You can access the Antique Museum feature via the building at the back left of your farm.

Or via the Icon on the right side of your screen.

Where To Plant

First let's have a look at where we can plant ours  crops to find the items needed to restore the antiques. 

#Expansion NameFarm Cash CostDrop Chance
1Cobweb Field36/unlockLight
3Trickster's Park109Medium
4Lunar Plains24/unlockLight
5Bat's Moor48/unlockLight
6Frankenstein Playfield60/unlockHeaviest
7Cursed Field99Heaviest
8Field Of Treats108Medium
9Nightshade Meadow80/unlockHeaviest
10Skeleton's Grounds80/unlockHeaviest
11Spirit's Land99Heaviest
12Halloween Park99Heaviest
13Jack O's Land109Medium
14Spellbound Meadows109Medium
15Incantation Grounds109Medium
16Witchwyn Meadows109Medium
17Scary Farm109Medium
18Candy Isle109Medium
19Misty Lake View119Light
22Shadowshade Garden129Light
23Farspell Field109Light
24Violetspell Garden129Light
25Pumpkin Fields119Light
26Grand Mall View149Light

Crops & Drops

Next let's look at the crops that we will need to harvest and how many of each you will need to get a chance for an item to drop. The feature mentions 40, as a rounded  number but each has it's own  specific quantity needed.

Crop NameMinimum Quantity To PlantGrow Time

Bizarre Bulbs
386 hrs

Black Parrot Tulip
369 hrs 30 mins

Bleeding Flower
3217 hrs 54 min

Brain Cactus
2923 Hours

Cobra Plant
2923 Hours

Corpse Flower
386 hrs

Creepy Yellow Citron
3315 hrs 54 min

Eyeball Flower
3217 hrs 54 min

Fatal Nightshade
394 hrs

Green Mask Apple

Monster Strawberry
3315 hrs 54 min

Nightmare Broccoli

Red Cockscomb
378 hrs

Rope Plant
378 hrs

Skeletal Flower
3315 hrs 54 min

Spooky Carrot

Spooky Flower
3315 hrs 54 min

Wood Spider


Next  let's have a look at the antiques  There are 9 antiques  to restore. Each antique has 6 stages and you will need 10 part drops to restore each stage. Once you have restored an antique, you will get it to keep as a decoration on your farm, along with other rewards. You will have 3 antiques available to restore at a time. When you complete one a new one will appear. You can choose any visible antique, you do not need to complete them in the order they appear.

They are somewhat large decorations for the description

Ornate TeapotMysterious BoxEarly Bronze PotAncient Tiki Statue

Ancient DodecahedronOld Ornate BellJade Horse ArtifactGolden Bracelet

Ancient Mask

Other Rewards

You will receive a package of farm essentials with each antique you complete.

these will contain

Super Fertilizer3 Pack of TurboUnwitherFree Instant Grow Flight
1 Super Fertilizer1 Turbo1 Unwither1 Instagrow

You will also receive an animal reward after you complete your 3rd, 6th and final antiques. Lets have a look at those.

Purple Nature UnicornFlaming Silver PegasusGold Jewellery Pegacorn
Purple Nature UnicornFlaming Silver PegasusGold Jewelry Pegacorn

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information

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