Farmville Spook O Ween Farm Crop Yield Chart

A new farm brings new crops to plant and master. What does Farmville’s Spook O Ween Farm have in store for us? Check below for details and remember to share with friends if you find it helpful.

For more information on Farmville’s Spook O Ween farm, be sure to check out our Dirt Farmer complete guide

CropCost in CoinsCoin YieldXP GainTimeTerrainMastery

Bizzare Bulbs
17025026 hrs 300+300+600=1200

Black Parrot Tulip
21030529 hrs 30 mins600+600+600=1800

Bleeding Flower
220315217 hrs 54 mins600+600+600=1800

Icy Lunar Roses
175255223 hrs600+600+600=1800

Blue Rocket
135210224 mins600+600+600=1800

Brain Cactus
405625223 hrs800+600+600=2000

Cobra Plant
405625223 hrs800+600+600=2000

Corpse Flower
16023026 hrs 300+300+600=1200

Corpse Lily
175255224 minsWater600+600+600=1800

Creepy Yellow Citron
285415215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Crested Euphorbia
19527529 hrs 30 minsWater600+600+600=1800

17525528 hrs Water600+600+600=1800

Eyeball Flower
195275217 hrs 54 mins600+600+600=1800

Eyeris Plant
200300223 hrs600+600+600=1800

Fatal Nightshade
15030034 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Ghost Plant
11016026 mins600+600+600=1800

Green Mask Apple
180260269 hrs600+600+600=1800

Monster Strawberry
255405215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Nightmare Broccoli
190260212 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Octopus Stinkhorn
150210223 hrsWater600+600+600=1800

Oleander Flower
175240212 hrs Water300+300+600=1200

Purple Pitcher Plant
195400246 hrsWater800+600+600=2000

Red Cockscomb
17525528 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Red Spider Lily
11516526 mins300+300+600=1200

Rope Plant
18526028 hrs 300+300+600=1200

Skeletal Flower
255405215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Spooky Carrot
175260212 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Spooky Flower
230345215 hrs 54 mins600+600+600=1800

125200212 mins600+600+600=1800

Tentacle Plant
160155223 hrs300+300+600=1200

Wood Spider
20030024 hrs 600+600+600=1800

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