FarmVille Highland Adventures Goodwill Shire Overview

The Goodwill Shire main feature on FarmVille Highland Adventures is going  to have a new way to access your tasks and play. We have a quick overview for you of how it is expected to work. Check it out below and please share..

Please note that this feature may change at any time at the desire of the FarmVille Studio.

You can complete tasks and earn rewards until October 7th, 2019 and harvest the consumable reward building until October 21, 2019.

Welcome To Goodwill Shire

Choose a pin with a picture of  a townsperson and click on it, so they will give you a task  Each towns person will have his or her own unique task to  offer at any given time..

The task appears in the lower left corner of the screen. 

 We can also still trash tasks as needed. we will be limited to 10 tasks from town per day before moving on to the leaderboard. .

As you can see, the people points earned per task vary as usual. The same pinned character can offer different quantities of people points. Use your trash feature and choose tasks to complete wisely to maximize the points you earn from your 10 daily tasks.

We trashed the above 2 people point task from this character. As seen below we subsequently were offered 6, 10 and 11  people point tasks from the same character.

Reach the first milestone to level up your building. 

The reward building upgrades are granted at the below point levels. 

Each building stage upgrade also grants an animal reward along side it.

 You must use medieval axes to unlock the buildings after you have reached the required level. You cannot open a level until you have opened the one before it. 

Medieval Axes can be obtained by purchasing or unlocking land tiles at 50 per tile, purchasing them with farm cash or crafting them.

3 Medieval Axes
3 Medieval Axes
Star Light Fruit Bushel
3 Star Light Fruit Bushel
Three Toothed Orchid Bushel
3 Three Toothed Orchid Bushel
Silver Irish Thorn Bushel
3 Silver Irish Thorn Bushel
None3 hrs
12 hrs8 hrs17 hrs 54 mins
5 Medieval Axes
5 Medieval Axes
Crochet Lily Bushel
3 Crochet Lily Bushel
Southern Mangosteen Bushel
3 Southern Mangosteen Bushel
Inverted Pineapple Bushel
3 Inverted Pineapple Bushel
None5 hrs
12 hrs17 hrs 54 mins12 hrs
Medieval Axe
Medieval Axe
Royal Dragon Fruit Bushel
2 Royal Dragon Fruit Bushel
Blue Moon Rose Bushel
3 Blue Moon Rose Bushel
Purple Shamrock Bushel
2 Purple Shamrock Bushel
None1 hr
9 hrs 30 mins8 hrs9 hrs 30 mins

Here's a look at the building  levels and how many  points and  medieval axes you will need to unlock each one. 

People Points Required

Medieval Axes Required
Peasant's Patch

Baron Villa

Viscount Bungalow

Earl's Mansion

Duke's Abode

King's Castle

Your daily meter  shows your progress toward the next milestone/ building level. 


You will also earn daily rewards along the way. We will have a list of these in a separate post, though the  support site says that the milestones will vary in score.

If you wish to keep playing after hitting the daily maximum of 10 tasks. you can participate in the Goodwill Shire Leaderboards to earn
VOTE  points. 

Vote points are different than people points in that they earn you points toward leaderboard rewards but they DO NOT COUNT TOWARD YOUR DAILY METER TO EARN BUILDING UPGRADES.


This part of the tutorial is slightly misleading. We were unable to access leaderboard tasks until we had completed all 10 town tasks.

The leaderboards also offer weekly rewards which are tied to your rank

That's all for now stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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