The Dirt Farmer Foundation’s CAUSE it’s AUGUST: Don't Leave Kids & Pets in Hot Cars

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Our CAUSE it’s AUGUST or Cause of the Month is:


In 2018, 52 children died in hot cars. It was the deadliest year on record in the past 20 years. Since 1998, almost 800 children have died from heatstroke in cars, 24% occurred in employer parking lots while the parent or caregiver was at work. Parents and caregivers can act immediately to end these preventable deaths.

Even on mild or cloudy days, temperatures inside vehicles can reach life-threatening levels. Leaving windows slightly open doesn't help. Children should never be left unattended or be able to get inside a vehicle. Three primary circumstances resulting in deaths of children in hot cars are: 1-A caregiver forgetting a child in a vehicle. 2-The child gaining access to the vehicle. 3-Someone knowingly leaving a child in the vehicle.

NSC advises parents and caregivers to stick to a routine and avoid distractions to reduce the risk of forgetting a child. Place a purse, briefcase or even a left shoe in the back seat to force you to take one last look before walking away. Keep car doors locked so children cannot gain access, and teach them that cars are not play areas. There is no safe time to leave a child in a vehicle, even if you are just running a quick errand. LEARN MORE HERE.

Click HERE to download and print the checklist.

  • Place a briefcase, purse, or cell phone next to the child’s car seat so that you’ll always check the back seat before leaving the car.
  • Keep a stuffed animal or another memento in your child’s car seat when it’s empty. Move it to the front seat as a visual reminder when your child is in the back seat.
  • Set a rule for your child care provider; have them call you if your child doesn’t arrive as scheduled.
  • Vehicular heatstroke deaths don’t just happen when a child is forgotten.

  • The temperature inside a car can reach 110 degrees, even when the temperature outside is as low as 57 degrees.
  • Never let children play in an unattended vehicle. Teach them a vehicle is not a play area. 
  • Keep car keys out of a child’s reach. 
  • If a child is missing, quickly check all vehicles, including the trunk.

While all types of vehicular heatstroke deaths are preventable, the third leading cause of these deaths—knowingly leaving a child—is the most preventable. 

Never leave a child alone in a parked car, even with the windows rolled down or the air conditioning on. A child’s body temperature can rise three to five times faster than an adult’s. Remember: Kids and hot cars can be a deadly combination. Don’t take the chance. Always look in the front and back of the vehicle before locking the door and walking away. Help spread the word on social media. LEARN MORE HERE

  • Make sure the child is okay and responsive. If not, call 911 immediately
  • If the child appears to be okay, attempt to locate the parents or have the facility’s security or management page the car owner over an intercom system. 
  • If the child is not responsive and appears to be in distress, attempt to get into the car to assist the child—even if that means breaking a window. Many states have “Good Samaritan” laws that protect people from lawsuits for getting involved to help a person in an emergency.

HEAT AWARENESS & SAFETY. One of the most significant health risks to be aware of this summer is the heat especially in areas where there is excessive humidity. Heat related illnesses can affect people of all ages, and these illnesses tend to progress quickly, so it is essential that you know what to look for. In recent years, excessive heat has caused more deaths than all other weather events, including floods. A heat wave is a prolonged period of excessive heat, generally 10 degrees or more above average, often combined with excessive humidity. Learn more about HEAT WAVE SAFETY HERE.


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