FarmVille Fishing Frenzy Complete Guide

Starts August 15th - There's something fishy coming to Coco Wonderland. The FarmVille Studio has decided that we need a little something extra to keep us busy during the last few weeks before the release of the Highland Adventure farm.. So we will see a new version of a familiar feature. Dionne Warwick sang about it and we are about to experience Deja Vu with a new version of --- Angler's Pond? Yes you read that right.  We will be going fishing on Coco Wonderland with rods and bait and more. with a few cool surprises. Check out what we have found below and please do share.

Please note that this feature may change at any time at the desire of the FarmVille Studio.

Due to late coding, the feature was released on 8/20/19

At time of publication we do not have full information  available on crafting recipes for the rods,  pricing of the Smoothie Pond Tile and rarity of each specific fish. Due to imminent release of the feature, we can no longer hold the guide. 

As mentioned above the Fishing Frenzy feature will begin on August 15th, 2019. There are three major differences between the new feature and Angler's Pond. The obvious, that Fishing Frenzy is a Coco Wonderland feature instead of a separate farm. Secondly when you master a fish, you will receive the fish itself as a reward instead of the trees we were offered on Angler's Pond.

A look at the loading screen.

We will find Fishing Frenzy via the icon on the right side of the screen or via   the Candy Cabin Building on the left of the water section of the farm.

`Mike will be our guide , he will give  us directions on what to do before we start the feature.

Aunt Lily has lots of beautiful fishes in her Chocolate lake! You are invited to go fishing in the beautiful lake!

Update! The Smoothie Pond water expansion remains 99 Farm cash after release of Fishing Frenzy. There is still no sign of a sale.

The interesting part of this is that Smoothie Pond is a normal farm water tile.  We can plant and harvest Coco Wonderland Water Crops 

& earn bushels from those crops, which we will see in the bushel report and market stall. On Angler's Pond, the quantity and frequency of   fish we caught were programmed as if they were bushels. This feature will require  some clever coding or redesigning to make both of these work.

We will have a tackle box to store our equipment. This is where we store our  basic free  equipment and any other equipment that we may have.

There will be an equipment station, to purchase bait & equipment for better luck fishing.

A  look at some types of bait. & equipment.

Candy Hook RodChoco Pretzel RodFruity Rod
FishnetRainbow MarshmallowRich Cotton Candy

Small Candy Sonar Device

Most is better equipment  that we can purchase for  farm cash.  

Rods and baits can be crafted.

We have not been able to find the recipes,because there were none! Simply click on the craft button and wait.

How To Fish

You will equip your rod from your tackle box and 

cast your line to go fishing.

Then you must click the "reel" button as fast as you can to keep the fish in the safe zone.

When the fish's energy is depleted you will catch the fish.

If the rod is outside of the safe zone for too long it will break the line and you will not catch your fish.

There will be common, uncommon and rare fish. We have not yet been able to determine which are which. are which. We will update when we know. 

A look at the different types of fish. (the fish will go into the aquarium)
Bubblegum FishButtery FishCandy Basslet
Cherry Blossom FishChoco Dip Damsel FishCookie Trout
Cotton Candy Betta Discus Lolly FishFresh Water Icing Fish 
Honey GouramiStrawberry Flower HornTropical Rainbow Fish

You must catch each fish 9 times to master the reeling of that fish and receive it as a reward. 

( You can check out your collection and number of catches per fish in the fish cabin)

Catch and collect all the fishes in Coco Wonderland to earn the Fishing Trophies!

That's all for now. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and information.

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