Fortune Road The Tasks - Farmer's Clan Round 3

Starts July 29 -We're going to take a stroll down the Fortune Road. We're gonna ride till we can't no more. With a title that fits the rhythm of 2019's biggest summer jam, and new rewards  to earn, we return to Farmer's Clan. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you to all the possible tasks you will have to complete to hit your milestones and earn your rewards. Check them out below and please do share...

It currently appears  that tasks will end on August 12, 2019 and bonus will end on August 27, 2019 but that can change at anytime at the will of the FarmVille Studio. Stay tuned to this post and if anything changes we shall update for you.

As we know from past iterations of this feature, in addition to the tasks generally found on a new farm main feature, there are additional tasks specific to clan features. We will list those first and then the standard tasks.

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Grow Mystery Seedlings

Mystery Seedling

Grow Mystery Seedlings

Use Special Delivery Boxes

Use Special Delivery Boxes

Earn Alaska Points

Earn Alaska Points

Earn Jamboree Points

Earn Jamboree Points

Alaskan Summer Land Crops

Crop Name Amount To HARVEST Points
Rium Flovlon 60 2
Fudeth Noil 40 2
Sciwuba 90 2
Gradient Orange 110 2
Calonas Carrito 120 2
Mapped Roses 60 2
Uwopah Takredil 80 2
Aaponde Uscoot 80 2
Ichross 60 2
Sunshine Shroom 50 2
Crescent Lotus 40 2
Srelas 200 4
Lobus Gloom 180 4
Night Gloom 160 4
Ovio Iblyre 160 4
Ukrapis 160 4
Pixy Sage 90 4
Native Potato 100 4
Evliscus 200 4
Totem Fruit Heads 60 6
Rotus 220 6
Ancient Spirit Flowers 80 12

Alaskan Summer Water  Crops

Crop Name
Cagre Ofrasse
Confiture Rose
Totem Melon
Native Capsicum

Long Island Jamboree  land & water bushels

Bushel Name Amount To USE Points
Double Berry Bushel 4 2
Chom Chom Bushel (Water) 2 2
Carved Broccoli Bushel 4 2
Spiky Soursop Bushel 4 2
Longan Litchee Bushel 4 2
Smiling Canadensis Bushel 2 4
Royal Begonia Bushel 2 4
Mini Anemone Bushel 2 4
Amaranth Daffodils Bushel 2 4
Albino Melon Bushel (water) 2 4
Wild Hewitt Bushel  (water) 2 4
Water Mango Bushel (water) 2 4
Jamboree fruit Bushel 2 4
Mothface Exoticas Bushel 4 6
Tahtolla Orange Bushel 4 6
Mamlamire Bushel 4 6
Gypsy's Rhubarb Bushel 4 6
Golden Setad Bushel (water) 4 8
Floating Soursop Bushel (water) 4 8
Salty Felonwort Bushel 4 8
Twirly Berry Bushel 6 8
Boysen Blossom Bushel 6 8
Covered Cocho Bushel 6 8
Spirit Swinies Bushel 6 10
Pixy Poisonberry Bushel 6 10
Nectar Hut Bushel 6 10
White Elegance Shroom Bushel 6 10
Milkweed Seedpod Bushel 6 10


Jamboree Diner (Pink)Inuit Cabin (Seafoam Green)

Recipe Name Star Level Cook Time # to Craft Points
Nougatine 1 2 hrs 2 2
Igloo Sculpture 1 1 hr 2 2
Ox Bone Bracelet 2 2 hrs 2 2
Berry Mousse Cake 3 6 hrs 2 2
Olive Savouries 1 4 hrs 2 2
Milk Jelly 3 4 hrs 2 4
Mushroom Tart 2 3 hrs 2 2
Meringue Gateau 2 3 hrs 2 2
Italian Jelly 2 2 hrs 2 4
Ice Pudding 2 2 hrs 2 4
Marrow and Ginger Tart 3 6 hrs 2 4
Fur Stockings 1 4 hrs 2 2
Inuit Shield 1 8 hrs 2 2
Inuit Bone Comb 1 4 hrs 2 4
Inupiaq Feast Bowl 1 2 hrs 2 4
Orange Souffle 1 1 hr 2 4
Orange Cream 1 4 hrs 2 4
Neapolitan Cake 1 1 hr 2 4
Orange Layer Cake 1 8 hrs 2 4
Ivory Musicians 1 1 hr 2 2
Macaron Jelly 4 6 hrs 4 6
Handmade Pottery 5 6 hrs 4 8
Athabascan Beadwork 4 6 hrs 4 10
Tlingit Whale Pipe 4 6 hrs 4 10
Raspberry Fool 5 4 hrs 4 6
Rhubarb Flan 5 6 hrs 4 6
Arctic Sunglasses 2 3 hrs 4 6
Marble Cake 4 6 hrs 4 6
Seven Whale Pendant 3 6 hrs 4 8
Porcupine Quill Basket 3 6 hrs 4 8
Animal Zodiac 3 4 hrs 4 6
Miniature Inuksuk 2 3 hrs 4 8
Inuit Soul Catcher 2 2 hrs 4 8
Inuit Artefact 5 4 hrs 4 8

The farm  specific guild tasks will involve items from the Long Island Jamboree and Alaskan Summer Farms. We will be harvesting animals and trees from both farms. Here is a look at quantities needed and what will count.

Quantity Of Animal's To Harvest Points Earned For The Task
6 2
6 2
12 4
12 4
30 6
30 6

Long Island Jamboree Animals

Patrol Dog Winning Steed Winning Colt Madame Pegasus
Madame Pegasus Foal Glamorous Unicorn Foal Glamorous Unicorn Magician's Pony Foal
Magician's Pony Bellboy Seal Beach Ready Otter Pearl Jellyfish
Gypsy Bear Long Legged Flapper Ostrich Winning Steed Winning Colt
Madame Pegasus Madame Pegasus Foal Glamorous Unicorn Foal Glamorous Unicorn
Magician's Pony Foal Magician's Pony Bellboy Seal Beach Ready Otter
Pearl Jellyfish Gypsy Bear Long Legged Flapper Ostrich High Society Bobcat
Sleuth Fox Circus Lion Bayou Musician Gator Sequin Sea Turtle
Dapper Sea Lion Smooth Wolf Aviator Owl Dungree Rabbit
Sheba Mink Goon Skunk Tough Guy Beaver Marble Dolphin
Prize Foal Sharp Eagle Boater Terrier Prize Horse
Pinstripe Tiger Clubbing Bear Waitress Cow Waitress Calf
Swanky Cow Gilded Walrus Swanky Calf Knitted Wool Sheep
Flapper Horse Jazz Show Pegacorn Foal Jazz Style Monkey Flapper Foal
Fashion Dress Deer Fashion Dress Fawn Jazz Show Pegacorn Vintage Dress Unicorn Foal
Fripperies Pegasus Foal Roaring Dolphin Vintage Chimpanzee Fripperies Pegasus
Jazz Maid Foal Vintage Style Llama Jazz Gator Classic Jazz Pony Foal
Classic Jazz Pony Vintage Suit Giraffe Dapper Suit Gorilla Vintage Dress Unicorn
Jazz Maid Horse Classic Gentleman Horse Mustache Monkey Pretty Coat Llama
Zoot Gorilla Fashion Fur Seal Cool Hat Fawn Classic Checkered Horse
Glitter Gold Pegasus Foal Bathing Suit Meerkat Classic Gentleman Foal Zoot Suit Fawn
Bartender Seal Long Coat Kangaroo Royal Cloak Bear Fur Love Cow
Gangster Duck Jazz Tap Duck Red Charleston Pegasus Zoot Suit Deer
Posh Fur Cow Posh Fur Calf Fancy Frill Swan Cool Hat Deer
Maroon Suit Giraffe Golden Gown Deer Golden Gown Fawn Retro Cloak Cat
Black Jazz Swan Red Charleston Pegasus Foal Royal Gown Monkey Vintage Llama
Class Gentleman Gorilla Classic Checkered Foal Glitter Gold Pegasus Jazz Night Llama
Fur Love Calf Red Prom Dog Glam Gangster Cat Mobster Tiger
Red Sequined Cat Green Gazaar Camel Balenciaga Fox Cool Vintage Elephant
Cool Hat Hippo Summer Parasol Horse Winter Vogue Pegasus Foal Flapper Dancer Deer
Flapper Dancer Fawn Sparkling Flapper Pegacorn Foal Winter Vogue Pegasus Summer Parasol Foal
Sparkling Flapper Pegacorn American Golfer Horse American Golfer Foal Sailor Duck
Popcorn Vendor Monkey Milkman Cow Law Keeper Rhino Jazz Player Elephant
American Soldier Foal Businessman Pegasus Businessman Pegasus Foal American Beauty Unicorn
Ballerina Meerkat Paparazzi Gorilla Hawker Dog Milkman Calf
Football Player Bull Football Player Bull Calf Party Server Camel American Soldier Horse
American Beauty Unicorn Foal Bartender Chicken Fashionable Cat Ball Player Giraffe

Alaskan Summer Animals

Haida CougarEsquimau DoveSacred GrouseHerbalist Porcupine
Raven Dancing BearHermit GoatChief EiderAleut Weasel
Warrior PelicanRoyal Haida GooseScavenger CoyoteHearty Seal
Moon Mask TurtleRitual OwlPaddler MuskratMocking Duck
Sheep ShamanTribal OrcaDancing Polar BearShining Rainbow Trout
Alaskan Wild FoalStormy Pegasus FoalCloaked FalconStitched Fin Whale
Alaskan Wild HorseFuzzy UnicornFestive WolverineYupik Shrew
Camo HareCelebrating WoodfrogBorealis FoxStormy Pegasus
Traditional OtterInuit BisonFuzzy Unicorn FoalCeremonial Moose
Elder WolfFisherman BearSpiritual DeerSpiritual Fawn
Tribal HorseEskimo BearChilly SheepComfy Calf
Tribal WalrusComfy CowOrnamental OspreyMushing Lead Dog
Tribal FoalImmigrant TigerPretty summer PegacornTribe Lord Penguin
Pretty summer Pegacorn FoalAlaskan ice Unicorn FoalAlaskan Dancer catAlaskan ice Unicorn
Native Alaskan BearPattern Cowboy PonyWorrier RhinoAlaskan Oryx
Alaskan Summer UnicornAlaskan Fashion PegasusSlow Swimming SwanNative Night Horse
Pattern Cowboy Pony FoalNative Night FoalProtector Wild WolfAlaskan Summer Unicorn Foal
Alaskan pattern WhaleFire pattern FoxAlaskan Fashion Pegasus FoalAlaskan Mountain Yak
Alaskan SeahorseNorthwest Pattern DolphinNorthern Summer CowAlaska Dog
Paradise PeacockAlaskan Feather SwanForest FoxWeaving Dress Mammoth
Northwest OxenNative Armor GorillaChoctaw Dress PegacornChoctaw Dress Pegacorn Foal
Alaskan River SwanSea Sage TurtleAlaska Summer HorseTigua Pegasus
Feather MinkTlingit Art WalrusAlaska GoatAlaskan Mountain Yak
Cute Country Pony FoalRed Reaper SnakeBeast BisonNorthwest Oxen
Pattern Dress FrogAlaskan Pattern HippoAlaskan Mystic FawnAlaska Tribal Elephant
Cute Country PonyAlaskan HorsePattern GatorAlaskan Foal
Bush LlamaChilkat Robe DonkeyTlingit GiraffeDrowning Duck
Northern Summer CalfAlaskan Mystic DeerSummer Sun SealChilkat Robe Donkey Foal
Tigua Pegasus FoalCultural Dancer PeacockAlaska Summer FoalWild Hunter Bear
Cold Grazer ElephantCold Saviour Pegasus FoalAlaskan Ride FoalFlapper Sparkles Pegacorn
Alaskan Ride HorseFlapper Sparkles Pegacorn FoalCold Saviour PegasusInuit Royalty Unicorn Foal
Inuit Royalty UnicornAlaskan Traveller HorseAlaskan Traveller FoalColder Region Bull
Gladrag PegasusSnow MonkeyAthabascan WalrusColder Region Bull Calf
Parka ElephantBall Hitter GiraffeAlaskan Beauty DeerFluff Dog
Native LynxAncient RamAlaskan WeaselFrost Proof Jaguar
Cold Fighting RhinoAlaskan Beauty FawnGladrag Pegasus FoalCold Fur Goat
Cold Wolverine

Quantity Of Tree's To Harvest Points Earned For The Task
6 2
6 2
12 4
12 4
30 6
30 6

Long Island Jamboree Trees

Giant Sequin Oak Tree Sequin Oak Tree Wealth Willow Tree Giant Wealth Willow Tree
Giant Sequin Oak Tree Sequin Oak Tree Wealth Willow Tree Giant Wealth Willow Tree
Shining Sycamore Tree Artsy Birch Tree Giant Pompous Pine Tree Hollywood Cherry Tree
Showtime Basswood Tree Giant Shining Sycamore Tree Pompous Pine Tree Giant Hollywood Cherry Tree
Giant Dazzling Oak Tree Giant Artsy Birch Tree Giant Showtime Basswood Tree Dazzling Oak Tree
Giant Violin Bird Tree Violin Bird Tree Bottle Feather Tree Giant Bottle Feather Tree
Jazz Bouquet Tree Giant Jazz Bouquet Tree American Feather Tree Giant American Feather Tree
Giant Urban Farm Tree Urban Veggies Tree Giant Urban Tomato Tree Urban Tomato Tree
Urban Farm Tree Cloche Hats Tree Giant Urban Veggies Tree Giant Cloche Hats Tree
Jazz Age Tree Giant Jazz Age Tree

Alaskan Summer Trees

Giant Alaskan Syrup TreeGiant Sunny Cedar TreeHaida Ink TreeGiant Haida Ink Tree
Sunny Cedar TreeAlaskan Syrup TreeGiant Ice Cottonwood TreeCrystal Fir Tree
Native Regalia TreeGiant Dreaming TreeGiant Guiding TreeIce Cottonwood Tree
Giant Native Regalia TreeGiant Vigour TreeShaman TreeGiant Shaman Tree
Vigour TreeDecorative Hemlock TreeGiant Decorative Hemlock TreeGiant Crystal Fir Tree
Dreaming TreeGuiding TreeCultural fruit treeAlaskan Hat Tree
Giant Cultural fruit treeGiant Alaskan Hat TreeBald Eagle TreeGiant Bald Eagle Tree
Bush Hat TreeGiant Bush Hat TreeSummer Bird House TreeGiant Summer Bird House Tree
Summer Fan TreeAlaskan Bear TreeGiant Beauty Pink TreeGiant Summer Fan Tree
Beauty Pink TreeGiant Alaskan Bear TreeNorthern Lights TreeGiant Northern Lights Tree

Harvest The Gold Coast Mansion On Long Island Jamboree

Harvest The Gold Coast Mansion On Long Island Jamboree

Harvest The Log Mansion on Alaskan Summer

Harvest the Log Mansion on Alaskan Summer

Another task we can expect is to ask our friends to click on tasks for us, much like in quests. These posts allow 10 friends to click on them, and provided youre also on the task, when you click on the posts, you can get one for yourself. These tasks will require you to get either 12, 24, or 36 of an item, for 2-6 points varying by item. For the 20 and 30 amounts, you will have to wait 6 hours before you can post to ask again. From what we can tell, this time also affects the tasks that require 10. Once you have your 10, you must wait until the ask time (6 hours) is over before you can redeem the task. If you are required to get 20 or 30 and would like to get more than the 10 that the feed posting allows you to get, you can search the news feed for your friends posts by using the search box at the top of your Facebook home page, or if you belong to any groups, you can search for the items within the group via the search box on the top left. Below, we have the Holler that may be assigned to you for this task.

If you give Holler to someone else while you are also doing this task , you will get one too.

If you do not wish to wait 6 hours to complete your task, Searching  The Dirt Farmer's  Quest and More or Mamaw  Dirt's Trading Post groups (You may also find  a few strays in The Dirt Farmer's Vote Help group.) should get you what you need while helping others. You can post yours there when it is your time to ask as well (Quest and More will likely give you the most help) Just click the group name above and ask to join if you are not already a member.

Finally, we have the task of spending coins. This task is an instantaneous task, that allows you to spend a certain amount of coins to win points and progress. The coins you spend do not actually purchase any items, and purchasing coin items from the market will not work for this task. For this task we will be asked to spend 750,000 coins, 1,000,000 coins, 1,250,000 coins, 1,500,000 coins, 1,750,000 coins, 2,000,000 coins to earn 2-6 points.


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