FarmVille Cake Me Away - The Tasks

Each FarmVille Farm has its own unique main feature. For Coco Wonderland it will be Cake Me Away. Meet daily goals and boost your average to earn rewards. Check out what your Dirt Farmer team has found and please share our post if you like it. 

Please note - there is a reference to harvesting the Wafer Mansion once, but it does not appear to be currently coded as a task. That could change at any time before or after release.

This go round instead of earning points we will be earning coupons that we can use to purchase ingredients to make recipes. The recipes will earn us DIMES that we use to fill our meters for the day.

Dessert Lodge

Level Coupons
1 1
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 3
6 4
7 4
8 5
9 5
10 5
11 6
12 6
13 6
14 6
15 7
16 7
17 8
18 8
19 8
20 8
21 8
22 9
23 9
24 9
25 9
26 10
27 9
28 9
29 10
30 10

Candy Factory

Level Coupons
1 1
2 3
3 3
4 3
5 4
6 11
7 11
8 12
9 12
10 13
11 15
12 15
13 16
14 17
15 18

Wafer Mansion

Level Coupons
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 7
7 10
8 13
9 15


Land Crops

Crop NameAmount To USECoupons
Jelly Strawberry
(Coco Wonderland)
Citrus Apple
(Coco Wonderland)
Candycane Orange
(Coco Wonderland)
Chocolate Pear
(Coco Wonderland)
Cupcake Cabbage
(Coco Wonderland)
Sunkissed Carrot
(Coco Wonderland)
Jelly Grapes
(Coco Wonderland)
Chocolate Onion
(Coco Wonderland)
Jellybean Corn
(Coco Wonderland)
Mint Strawberry
(Coco Wonderland)
Ice Candy Mango
(Coco Wonderland)
Licorice Garlic
(Coco Wonderland)
Wafer Bamboo
(Coco Wonderland)
Cotton Candy Avacado
(Coco Wonderland)

Water Crops
Crop NameAmount To USECoupons
Floating Sunflower
(Coco Wonderland)
Candy Lotus
(Coco Wonderland)


Land Bushels

Bushel NameAmount To USECoupons
Cream Cherry Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Lollipop Banana Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Toffee Cucumber Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Sprinkled Potato Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Gummy Tomato Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Chocolate Peas Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Dragon Candy Fruit Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Candy Peach Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)

Water Bushels
Bushel NameAmount To USECoupons
Lollipop Flower Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Vanilla Lily Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Waffle Flower Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)
Sprinkled Choco Poppy Bushel
(Coco Wonderland)

Sugar Boulangerie

Recipe Name Star Level Cook Time # to Craft Coupons
Cotton Candy 1 2 hrs 2 2
Chocochip Cookie 2 2 hrs 2 4
Chococherry Cupcake 3 6 hrs 2 4
Strawberry Donut 3 6 hrs 2 4
Sprinkled Cake 3 4 hrs 2 4
Blueberry Pancake 2 3 hrs 2 2
Milkshake Jar 2 3 hrs 2 4
Gumball 1 4 hrs 2 4
Jelly 2 2 hrs 2 2
Candy Bracelet 1 2 hrs 2 2
Strawberry Jam 1 2 hrs 2 2
Ice Cream Sundae 1 1 hr 2 1
Tasty Candy 1 1 hr 2 1
Strawberry Pastry 1 4 hrs 2 4
Macaroons 1 1 hr 2 1
Lollipop Candy 1 8 hrs 2 4
Fresh Waffle 4 6 hrs 4 6
Gelatin Bear 4 6 hrs 4 6
Gingerbread Man 5 6 hrs 4 6
Star Candycane 5 4 hrs 4 6

Quantity Of Animal's To Harvest Coupons Earned For The Task 
6 2
12 4
30 6

Cozy MallardBeekeeping BearSweet Horn FawnCrystal Candy Turtle
Scooped OstrichSweetened White FoxSugar Cookie RacoonSweet Lemon Canary
Gummy ElephantCotton Candy CatConfectionary PigletSweet Horn Deer
Strawberry Pygmy GoatDelectable OrcaFair Marshmallow DogCream Frosting Cheetah
Gingerbread ChimpCandy Fluff BearRainbow Twist PheasantGrape Chews Panther
Cocoa Steed FoalCarnival Cotton PegasusCandy Store KittyCandy Paschal Goose
Cocoa SteedCarnival Cotton Pegasus FoalVanilla EaglePeppermint Giraffe
Fruity Koi FishBatter Coat Pony FoalApple Pie LionSweet Batter Cat
Mousse PandaApple Pier TerrierConfectionary Unicorn FoalBatter Coat Pony
Gobstopper PufferfishCandy Corn GatorCandy Safari GazelleCandy Safari Gazelle Fawn
Melon Gummy OtterSugar Bean ParrotConfectionary UnicornBonbon Frog
Cookie Scout BeaverFairy Cake PuppyFairy Floss SheepSugary Stallion Colt
Large Scoop WalrusGourmet BearLicorice BovineSugary Colt
Gummy TigerBaker FlamingoCaramel CowCaramel Calf
Licorice Bovine CalfRainbow Chips HorseDelight MonkeyRed Velvet Whale
Candy Gem Pegacorn FoalRainbow Chips FoalCupcake PeacockCandy Gem Pegacorn
Candy Cone Unicorn FoalBonbon Princess PonyBonbon Princess Pony FoalCandy Gum Bear
Candy Stick PeacockChoco Dip DuckDark Choco DogFloss Cloud Sheep
Choco Nut SquirrelSugar Candy PigSpongy WhaleCandy Cone Unicorn
Swirl Candy GiraffePurple Fudge FoxCrazy Candy CowCream Top Chimpanzee
Cream Bread BearChoco Wafer PegacornFluffy candy LlamaTaffy Cherry Kangaroo
Jelly Drop PegacornTasty Muffin BunnyCrazy Candy CalfSweet King Gorilla
Choco Wafer Pegacorn FoalCandy Topping LlamaJelly Drop Pegacorn FoalTruffle Walrus
Sweet Pop PenguinGems Studded DeerDelightful SwanDream Cream Unicorn Foal
Doughnut TurtleChoco Cesire CatTruffle GoatClass Caramel Monkey
Candy Tail PeacockTwisted Candies LionGems Studded HippoRainbow Chips Pig
Choco Hearted SealPink Candy DragonCup Cake PigCherry Cream Panda
Candy Corn PenguinCookie Carrier RacoonCandy SeahorseDream Cream Unicorn
Marshmallow SheepBlue Mint SquirrelGems Studded FawnCandy Cane Dolphin
Sugarry TigerCandy Princess UnicornSor BearCandy Princess Unicorn Foal
Gumball DragonCandy Queen Pegasus FoalCandy Queen PegasusCandy Bear
Frosty Fur SheepPie CalfBrain Freeze DogCaramel Camel
Gumball MonkeyPie CowJelly ElephantCookie Cutter Chipmunk
Coco Flower RabbitChocolate Donut TurtleGem Lover RhinoCotton Candy Unicorn
Cotton Candy Unicorn FoalIce Cream Vendor DuckCandylicious PeacockCocoshroom Cat
Candy Twist HorseCandy Twist Foal

Quantity Of Tree's To Harvest Coupons Earned For The Task 
6 2
12 4
30 6

Giant Chocolate Palm TreeChocolate Palm TreeGiant Cream Puff TreeGiant Cocoa Bead Tree
Cream Puff TreeCocoa Bead TreeGiant Fair Candy TreeCocoa Cypress Tree
Cream Parlor TreeBerry Waffle TreeBakery Oak TreeFair Candy Tree
Giant Cream Parlor TreeGiant Cafe Mangrove TreeCafe Mangrove TreeCupcake Dragon Tree
Giant Licorice Banyan TreeGiant Bakery Oak TreeLicorice Banyan TreeGiant Cocoa Cypress Tree
Giant Cupcake Dragon TreeGiant Berry Waffle TreeCandypop TreeGiant Candypop Tree
Giant Pine Candy TreePine Candy TreeGiant Mallo Mountain TreeMallo Mountain Tree
Cream Biscuit TreeGiant Cream Biscuit TreeGiant Lollyland TreeCream candy Tree
Candy Ice Cream TreeGiant Jelly Candy TreeJelly Candy TreeLollyland Tree
Giant Cream candy TreeGiant Candy Ice Cream TreePop Sprinkles TreeGiant Pop Sprinkles Tree

Another task we can expect is to ask our friends to click on tasks for us, much like in quests. These posts allow 10 friends to click on them, and provided youre also on the task, when you click on the posts, you can get one for yourself. These tasks will require you to get either or 12 of an item, for 2-2 Coupons varying by item. For the 20 and 30 amounts, you will have to wait 6 hours before you can post to ask again. From what we can tell, this time also affects the tasks that require 10. Once you have your 10, you must wait until the ask time (6 hours) is over before you can redeem the task. If you are required to get 20 or 30 and would like to get more than the 10 that the feed posting allows you to get, you can search the news feed for your friends posts by using the search box at the top of your Facebook home page, or if you belong to any groups, you can search for the items within the group via the search box on the top left. Below, we have the Kitchen Stirrer that may be assigned to you for this task.

Finally, we have the task of spending coins. This task is an instantaneous task, that allows you to spend a certain amount of coins to win Coupons and progress. The coins you spend do not actually purchase any items, and purchasing coin items from the market will not work for this task. For this task we will be asked to spend 750,000 coins, 1,250,000 coins, 1,750,000 coins to earn 2-6 Coupons

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