FarmVille Alaskan Summer Scout's Honor - The Rewards


It's time to help girl scout Lily sell her cookies and keep her pups happy in FarmVille's all new Alaskan Summer farm & it’s  main feature Scouts Honor.Depending on the time it takes and how you place, you can choose between 1-4 dog houses, with more choices the higher you place. Check out the details below and please do share....

The REWARDS piece of the Scout's honor feature is currently coded to begin on June 3, 2019 and end on July 23, 2019. For those who pay through features with Farm Cash to finish quickly, please note that the doghouses are currently coded to begin on June 5th.

Please note that this is an unreleased feature and may change at any time, before or after release, at the will of the FarmVille Studio.

For Dirt Farmer Katy's video guide to this feature, click here (coming soon)

For the complete guide to FarmVille Alaskan Summer click here

A look at the loading screen.
 Scout's Honor is the main feature for FarmVille Alaskan Summer. We will be helping Girl Scout Lily sell her cookies as we race Barbara, Claire and a character without a name to 1,000 points and the finish line. The more characters you beat, the more choices of doghouse you will have.

You can access the feature via the Scouts Honor building on the farm or the on-screen icon, beside the neighbor bar.


You must reach 1,000 points prior to the end of the timer on the feature in order to win a Doghouse

A look at the Four Doghouses

If you wish the St Bernard Doghouse to be among your choices, you must finish FIRST and beat Barbra
If you wish the Poodle Doghouse,to be among your choices, you must finish at least SECOND and beat Claire
If you wish the Malamute Doghouse to be among your choices, you must finish at least THIRD and beat Kimberly
If you finish the feature prior to the end of the countdown timer. but are not able to beat any of the characters, the Eskimo Doghouse will be your only choice
In addition to the reward of the doghouse and the consumables it harvests for, you will also receive animal rewards depending on where you place.

There are three milestones along the way, at which you will receive rewards.

The first milestone  at 100  Points offers a farm essentials package, This contains consumables - 3 turbo chargers, 3 Superfertilizer and 3 Fuel Refills.


If you purchased early access you will also receive the Brave Guard Dog

The second milestone at  300 points offers a building parts package, you will receive 8 of each treasure part and 3 of each big buildable part.

If you purchased early access, you will also receive the Scout Penguin.

The third milestone at 600 points offers the  Chevron Baby Elephant
If you purchased early access you will also receive the Rare Sighted Dodo Bird

of course the consumables possible to harvest from the doghouses

You can earn extra points by unlocking or purchasing tiles

Finally at 1, 000 points, the reward would be the doghouse and animal package which, depending on your place in the race may include the 

Girl Scout Unicorn

 Alaskan Farm Horse

 Sitka Blacktail Deer 

Polka Dot Giraffe

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