FarmVille's 10th Birthday - Nursery Barn Decoration

FarmVille's 10th Birthday is now at hand. Can you believe that we've been playing for so long? Well here we are and the FarmVille Studio has several birthday celebrations to share with us. One will be a choice of a new look for the Nursery Barn on the home farm (See Update). Check out the choices below and please share.... We will get a popup asking if we would like to choose a new look for our old nursery barn on the HOME FARM.

UPDATE: We are getting reports from members of our ASK The Dirt Farmer Group that they are finding nursery barns on several farms already in one of the new decorative styles  and are NOT getting the pop-up to select the style. Stay tuned and we will apprise you of any further changes.

Please note that you must have a completed nursery barn on the HOME farm to partake in this feature.

We will get a popup asking if we would like to choose a new look for our old nursery barn on the HOME FARM.

Despite nursery barns being available on all farms, it does not currently appear that this effect will be available anywhere but the HOME farm. If that should change we will update this post.

Finally a close- up look at each of the choices. 

That's all for now - stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and information.

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  3. This so called 'gift' is disgusting! I absolutely HATE this design, and wrote Zynga an angry Support note demanding mine be changed back. If they refuse, I'm selling all of my Nursery Barns, because this whole idiotic My Little Pony Does Farmville barn is ridiculous, and doesn't fit on any of my farms. I'm happy for those who like it - but I am NOT one of them. Zynga can't design a realistic animal these days, and that's bad enough...but this forced 'upgrade' on our Nursery Barns was completely out of line.


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