FarmVille Carnival Parade Complete Guide

 Starts Monday June 24th Following the recent ending of the latest Farm Run, the FarmVille Studio has been hard at work creating a new feature, the FarmVille Carnival Parade. This feature is a return to the dreaded Mystree type of feature with it's multiple stages and random, duplicate laden outcomes. Similar to the reviled Maharaja's Stable and the more pleasant Spooky Wolves. We will be training Carnival animals in Rio, Mardi Gras & Venetian Carnival categories to ready  your Carnival Brigade for the big parades.. Check out the details below and please do share.....

The FarmVille  Carnival Parade  feature is currently coded to begin on June 24th, 2019 and end on July 24th, 2019

Remember that any aspect of this feature can change before or after release at the will of the FarmVille Studio.

A look at the loading screen. 

A look at the icon that will appear on the right side of the screen to access the feature. 

A look at the Carnival Parade Float Building which you may or may not be prompted to place on your farm. 

If you get a prompt and do not want to place it, you can click the arrow to send to your gift box and still be able to access the feature via the icon on the right side of your farm.

A look at the tutorials for this feature.

A look at the pop-up inviting us to play when the feature goes live

We will be led through the feature by Cornish


You can view your training stations and what tend level each is on. We will have a better image when the feature goes live.

We will be building up craft tables to train the animals

We will use Carnival Flags to do that.

A look at the Carnival Flag recipes, we will be able to craft them in increments of one, three and five

3 Carnival Flags
3 Carnival Flags
Dark and Light Blossom Bushel
3 Dark and Light Blossom Bushel
Red Cabbage Bushel
3 Red Cabbage Bushel
Gumball Berry Bush Bushel
3 Gumball Berry Bush Bushel
None3 hrs
14 hrs8 hrs13 hrs 24 mins
5 Carnival Flags
5 Carnival Flags
Sunburst Orchid Bushel
3 Sunburst Orchid Bushel
Coral Hibiscus Bushel
4 Coral Hibiscus Bushel
White Nectarine Bushel
3 White Nectarine Bushel
None5 hrs
12 hrs15 hrs 54 mins11 hrs 30 mins
Carnival Flag
Carnival Flag
Bejewelled Daffodil Bushel
2 Bejewelled Daffodil Bushel
Candied Strawberry Bushel
3 Candied Strawberry Bushel
Blue Fox Wood Bushel
2 Blue Fox Wood Bushel
None1 h

You will also be able to obtain a few Carnival Flags via the usual limited post and collect, and of course you can always purchase them for farm cash.

As usual there will be ONE NEW CROP included in EACH RECIPE. Keep in mind when planning, that new crops mean no mastery and lower bushel return until you master the crop. (For more information on calculating bushel yields click here and here) The NEW crops for this feature will be Dark & Light Blossom, Coral Hibiscus & Bejeweled Daffodil.

 A Look at the quantity of Carnival Flags required and tend delays between levels. Important note, when you have fully tended a Craft Table and place it on your farm, do not click on it or anything else before it fully transforms. If  you do click on something, it will freeze and not transform.

Level Carnival Flags To Tend To Next Level Waiting Period
0 0 5 Hours
1 5 5 Hours
2 5 5 Hours
3 5 5 Hours
4 5 5 Hours
5 5 5 Hours
6 0 Complete

So you will need a total of 25 Carnival Flags and 30 hours to complete each Craft Table, even if you are not late for a single tend. Since most of us do sleep, it will take a bit longer in that case. 

There will be duplicates to get all prizes in each collection  You may require the full coded maximum number of attempts to get all prizes - whether or not you get all in less than that is up to pure random luck.

The  Farmville studio has coded a maximum number of attempts that you will have to make to get all prizes in a collection for each collection. The studio has made this round of mystrees a bit easier. If you wanted all the prizes from all 3 collections, you would need to raise up to 48 (15 less than the 63 from last time) Craft Tables .  As seen above, Each  Craft Table requires 5 tends and a placement delay with a 5  hour waiting period in between tends or 30 hours per  Craft Table. The total would be 1,440 hours (down from 1890 last time) divided by however many stations are free/available. 4 are free so you could complete all collections in roughly 15 days (down from 20 last time) , if you were spot on with each tend. Since we all sleep we will need a bit more time than that. With a 30 day timeline on the  feature & the reduction in duplicates, it should be easier and less frustrating to complete than Sweet Valentine. 

There will be a total of 16 Craft Tables  in this feature. four will be unlocked for free and the rest  will cost farm cash. 

 Purchasing the extra stations for farm cash is simply a time saver. It does not unlock any additional animals and is completely optional. 

A look at the different categories Each contains six animal rewards plus a bonus prize for completion. While there are plenty of duplicates completing each collection, the animals and bonus prize in each collection are completely different. 

Let's take a look at the number of duplicates  and the collections themselves 

Whenever you want to view your collections simply click on " My Collection at bottom left.

(There is no choice of collection  to play for in this feature and each attempt can give you a reward from a collection different than the one before. )

You can view each collection in this interface by clicking on view collection .This will show you how many of each animal you have trained in that collection, and so you can tell how many more duplicates to expect.

The interface  & view screen will start out darkened, and then any animal that you have trained at least once will become visible. 
Any animal that you have already trained will become visible with a quantity beside it.

Mardi Gras  Collection

Parade Hangover CatMardi Grator (sic)Embedded Jewel Goat
Silver Groove DeerFestive Yellow CockatooMardi Jester Deer

Collection Name - Mardi Gras Collection

Reward NameMaximum Number of Duplicates
Before You Complete the Collection 
Maximum Time
Mardi Grator (s260 hours 
Embedded Jewel Goat3 90 hours
Parade Hangover Cat3 90 Hours
Silver Groove Deer2  60 hours
Festive Yellow Cockatoo3 90 hours 
Mardi Jester Deer3 90 hours 

Bonus Prize

Gilded Mask Pegasus 

Venetian Carnival Collection

Celebration Ready Fox Venetian Owl Masquerade Predator Lion
Venetian Wing Giraffe Venice Ponycorn Carnival Ready Walrus

Collection Name - Venetian Carnival Collection  
Reward NameMaximum Number of Duplicates
 Before You Complete the Collection 
Maximum Time
Celebration Ready Fox390 Hours 
Venetian Owl390 Hours 
Masquerade Predator Lion260 Hours 
Venetian Wing Giraffe390 Hours 
Venice Ponycorn390 Hours 
Carnival Ready Walrus260 Hours 

Bonus Prize

Venice Carnival Horse 

 Rio Parade Collection

Pink Parade Vulture Merryman Cow Parade Float Turtle
Parade Performer Chicken Rio Local Seapony Taekwondo Kitten

Collection Name - Rio Parade Collection

Reward NameMaximum Number of Duplicates Before You Complete the Collection Maximum Time
Parade Float Turtle390 Hours
Merryman Cow260 Hours
Rio Local Seapony390 Hours
Pink Parade Vulture390 Hours
Parade Performer Chicken390 Hours
Rio Flare Deer260 Hours

Bonus Prize

Rio Carnival Unicorn

Finally a look at the offspring from the feature rewards.

Rio Carnival Unicorn FoalRio Flair FawnMardi Jester Fawn
Venice Ponycorn FoalMerryman CalfSilver Groove Fawn

Gilded Mask Pegasus Foal Venice Carnival Foal

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