How To Make A Cake Deco For The FarmVille 10th Birthday Contest

This week, Dirt Farmer Katy our video tutorial guru and ASK the Dirt Farmer and   Farmer's Showcase admin, brings us a tutorial on how to make a CAKE DECO FOR THE FARMVILLE 10TH BIRTHDAY CONTEST ! Please do share with friends so they may learn as well.

Click here to read the contest rules and enter the contest.  Please note that all entries must be posted to the event by May 19, 2019.

To see Katy's other videos click here  for The Dirt Farmer’s Almanac and scroll to the bottom.

 To join Farmer’s Showcase and show off your farm, and view other awesome designs by Farmer Katy and many others, click here.

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  1. I can do it with another type of fance

  2. I've made my cake but unable to post a picture of it to enter. I'm able to take a picture of it, but can't find it. I did find old Farmville pics on my profile under Photos, Farmville Album. Please provide better instructions on how to take a picture & enter the "Birthday Cake Contest". It's a shame to work for nearly a week creating this & not being able to share it. Thanks!!!


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