Farmville Alaskan Summer Farm Animals

Farmville will soon be releasing its next new expansion. This time were getting ready for a real adventure with the all new Alaskan Summer Farm.  As with all new farm expansions The Alaskan Summer Farm will have it's own unique Animals fitting the theme of the farm. Check out The Dirt Farmers post for sneak peek at the images we have found for you, and don't forget to share with your friends if you find it helpful.


For more information on Farmville's Alaskan Summer Farm, Check out the Dirt Farmers Complete Guide.

General Animals

Dancing Polar Bear Eskimo Bear Fisherman Bear Native Alaskan Bear
Raven Dancing Bear Wild Hunter Bear Frost Proof Jaguar Haida Cougar
Immigrant Tiger Native Lynx Alaskan Willow Chief Eider
Cloaked Falcon Esquimau Dove Ornamental Osprey Ritual Owl
Sacred Grouse Beast Bison Inuit Bison Alaskan Dancer Cat
Alaskan Dog Fluff Dog Mushing Lead Dog Northern Puffy Dog
Northwest Pattern Dolphin Drowning Duck Mocking Duck Alaskan Tribal Elephant
Cold Grazer Elephant Parka Elephant Borealis Fox Fire Pattern Fox
Forest Fox Celebrating Wood Frog Pattern Dress Frog Pattern Gator
Paddler Muskrat Red Reaper Snake Scavenger Coyote Shinning Rainbow Trout
Warrior Pelican Yupik Shrew Ball Player Giraffe Tlinit Giraffe
Alaska Goat Cold Fur Goat Hermit Goat Royal Haida Goose
Native Armor Gorilla Alaskan Pattern Hippo Bush Llama Weaving Dress Mammoth
Feather Mink Snow Monkey Ceremonial Moose Alaskan Oryx
Traditional Otter Northwest Oxen Cultural Dancer Peacock Paradise Peacock
Tribe Lord Penguin Herbalist Porcupine Camo Hare Cold Fighting Rhino
Worrier Rhino Alaskan Seahorse Hearty Seal Summer Sun Seal
Ancient Ram Chilly Sheep Shaman Sheep Alaskan Feather Swan
Alaskan River Swan Slow Swimming Swan Moon Mask Turtle Sea Sage Turtle
Athabascan Walrus Tlingit Art Walrus Tribal Walrus Alaskan Weasel
Aleut Weasel Alaskan Pattern Whale Green Ruby Whale Stitched Fin Whale
Tribal Orca WhaleElder WolfProtector Wild WolfCold Wolverine
.   .
. Festive Wolverine . .
Bulls Cows and Calves
Colder Region Bull Comfy Cow Haida Cow Northern Summer Cow
Northwest Oxen Cow Alaskan Mountain Yak   Colder Region  Calf Comfy Calf
        Haida Calf Northern Summer  Calf Northwest Oxen Calf Alaskan Mountain Yak Calf
Deer and Their Fawns
Alaskan Beauty Deer Alaskan Mystic Deer Spiritual Deer Summer Heralding
Caribou  Deer
Alaskan Beauty Fawn Alaskan Mystic Fawn Spiritual Fawn Summer Heralding
Caribou Fawn
Horses Donkeys and their Foals
Chilkatrobe Donkey Alaskan Horse Alaskan Ride Horse Alaskan Traveller Horse
Alaskan Wild Horse Alaska Summer Horse Native Night Horse Tribal Horse
Chilkatrobe Donkey Foal Alaskan Foal Alaskan Ride Foal Alaskan Traveller Foal
  Alaskan Wild Foal Alaskan Summer Foal Native Night Foal Tribal Foal

Pegacorns Pegasus and their Foals
Choctaw Dress Pegacorn Pretty Summer Pegacorn Sparkling Flapper Pegasus Alaskan Fashion Pegasus
Cold Saviour Pegasus Haida Cow Pegasus Regalia Unicorn Pegasus Stormy Pegasus
Tigue Pegasus Choctaw Dress Pegasus Foal Pretty Summer Pegacorn Foal Sparkling Flapper Pegasus Foal
Alaskan Fashion Pegasus Foal Cold Sarviour Pegasus Foal Haida Cow Pegasus Foal Regalia Unicorn  Pegasus Foal
.    .
. Stormy
Pegasus Foal
Tigue Pegasus Foal .
Pony's Stallions Unicorns and their Foals
Cute Country Pony Pattern Cowboy Pony Alaskan Ice Unicorn Alaskan Summer Unicorn
Fuzzy Unicorn Inuit Royalty Unicorn Cute Country  Pony Foal Pattern Cowboy  Pony Foal
Alaskan Ice Unicorn Foal Alaskan Summer Unicorn Foal Fuzzy Unicorn Foal Intuit Royalty Unicorn Foal
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info
Happy Farming

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