Farm Run 2019 Round 2 - Pelican Reef Tasks, Mini Game & Rewards

Starts May 20 -  Each stage of the FarmVille Farm Run 2019 has boards  of  4 tasks worth 25 points per board to help you finish the feature. There will also be unique rewards. Check out Pelican Reef's below  and please do share.....
You must finish the FOUR tasks on your board to earn 25 points. There are no separate points awarded per task.

First a look at the order board. There are FOUR tasks per board. As seen in the image below, if you do not want to do a specific task, you can trash it, and another will appear in its place in 2 hours. When you complete a task, it will remain blank until you have completed all for sections on the board. When you complete all four tasks on a board, you will be awarded 25 points, as you can see at the bottom of the board.

In the below image there is also a tracker below the board. You can use this to determine where you are toward the next prize or finishing the feature.

Now for a look at the tasks.
Spend 1  million coins.
pack of 6000 coins
Harvest the Pirate Eatery  1 time.
Collect 7 Pelican  Stamps (yes the game will allow enough clicks to get all in one post.
Crop  harvesting tasks. Here  a list of the  crops and quantity required.  For crop times click here and search the crop by name.
Remember that these crops can pop up in any RANDOM order. 

Crop Name Total
Antigua Firangi Pani (Water Crop) 150
Banana Orchid 600
Barbados Buttonwood 200
Barbados Flower 600
Cannonball Flower 600
Caribbean Crystal Ice (Water Crop) 150
Caribbean Fantasy 150
Caribbean Pineapple 600
Caribbean Plumeria (Water Crop) 800
Dominica Bloom 600
Hope Flower 180
Jamaican Ackee 600
Jamaican Watermelon (Water Crop) 800
Mamey Sapote 80
Pelican Flower 800
Pumkin Cashew (Water Crop) 80
Quenepas 200
Red Caribbean Rose 800
Shell Ginger 600
Sorrel Herb 80
Trinidad Cherries 40
West Indies Mahogany 600
Wildfowl Bloom (Water Crop) 600
In rare cases thru the farm run, the  same crop will be required in two different amounts for two different tasks. If so it will be listed in the table twice. 

Crafting tasks. Here is a list of the crafts & quantity required.  These are crafted in the Surf Shop. For craft times & recipes click here
Remember that these crafts can pop up in any RANDOM order.

Craft Name Quantity
Two Seater Kayak 4
Beach Bermudas 4
Beach Bermudas 4
Windsurf Board 3
Divers Gloves (sic) 3
Turbo Jet Ski 4
One Piece Bikini 4
Snorkel Mask 4
Scuba Wetsuit 3
Paddleboard 3
Beach Umbrella 2
Beach Cloth 2

Here are the cards you will be matching in the mini game. You will see them in sets of 8, with some repeating in different sets.

Now for a look at the rewards for the Pelican Reef  leg of the farm run

Reward Name Points Required

Time Traveler Sheep

Puzzle Horse & Foal it makes
Ember Horse & Foal it makes

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