Farm Run 2019. Round 2 - Overview

Confused about Round 2 of FarmVille's Farm Run 2019? Your Dirt Farmer team has YOUR back, as we join our backpacking tour guide friend to travel through several old farms and earn new rewards along the way. Read below for links and please share our post if you like it.

 The FarmVille Farm Run 2019 Round 2 is currently coded to begin on May 20, 2019 and end on June 17,2019. Please note that this is an unreleased feature. Anything in it can change at any time,before or after release, at the FarmVille Studio's will. Remember that tasks will appear on the board in a RANDOM order, and as such the feature precludes preparation in most cases.

First a look at the stamps that we will see as we run through the farms

Caveman Club Emberhill Adventure
Pelican Reef Fairytale Fields

We will be able to access the feature through this icon on the right side of our screens. 

A look at the pop-up inviting us to play the feature.

Clicking the awesome button will take us to this pop-up inviting us to travel to our Caveman Club Farm for the first leg of the farm run.

As usual this  Farm Run will allow us to trash tasks. The waiting period for a new one is 2 hours. 

Once you complete a task, you will not get a new one until all 4 on the board are completed. 

 Please note, while there are specific point totals attached to each task, that information is not particularly useful as the Farm Run will award 25 points for the completion of each board, not by individual task. 

Please note also, at the bottom of the above image, there is a bar at the bottom of the feature where you can track your progress to the next prize and order completion.

As mentioned above, the Farm Run will consist of tasks in the familiar order board style that we see in the main feature of each new farm.

The questions and answers mini game of prior farm runs is no more. This time we will be playing a matching card game, similar to Memory, Concentration or Match Up. You will be able to play two rounds of 30 seconds each and earn up to 16 points. If you wish to purchase additional time for Farm Cash, you can add an additional 10 seconds to each round.

We will be Farm running to Caveman Club, Emberhill Adventure,

Pelican Reef  and  Fairytale Fields

As you can see from the play again pop-up, each farm will offer three farm specific animals .

The Bonus Prize  in the image above is a placeholder and actually depicts a prior bonus prize The current bonus prize is shown below.

As a reminder, the bonus prize is for completing the entire feature and will be the

Map Maker Pegacorn

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