Adventure Isle : The Rewards - Clan Stage 2

The adventure is underway on Adventure Isle. You've figured out how to play and are hard at work on the tasks with your clan. Now it's time to find out where the adventure leads and just what rewards are in those treasure chests. These rewards are part of stage 2 of Farmers clan which begins on May 6, 2019 and ends on May 20,2019 Have a look at what we've found and please share  our post if you find it useful...

There are three sections of the map and each will have it's own set of rewards.

First up is the Hallowed Shrine.

 If you complete the Hallowed Shrine you will get the following rewards along the way at the below milestones.

Shrine Protector Lion 
350  Points
Water Nymph Deer
700 Points
Bronze Reward Chest 
1,050 Points.

The Bronze Reward Chest Contains the following items

Nature Sprite Pegacorn 3 Arborist 5 Special Delivery Boxes

Next up is the Blue Pinnacle

 If you complete the Blue Pinnacle  you will get the following rewards along the way.

Silver Tail Fox 
1,400 Points
Golden Aura Deer

1,750 Points
Silver Rewards Chest
2,100 Points

The Silver Rewards Chest contains the following items

Surreal Fantasy Pegacorn 5 Animal Feed 3 Farmhands

The final map section is the Cathedral of Solitude

 If you complete the Cathedral of Solitude you will get the following rewards along the way.

Luminescent Ram
2,567 Points
Chinese Tail Dragon
3,033 Points
Gold Reward Chest
3,500 Points

The Gold Reward Chest Contains

Sanctum Keeper Pegacorn 10 Fawn Feed 7 Farm Hands

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