Farmville Long Island Jamboree Farm Animals

Farmville will soon be releasing its next new expansion. This time were getting ready for a real adventure with the all new Long Island Jamboree Farm.  As with all new farm expansions The Long Island Jamboree Farm will have it's own unique Animals fitting the theme of the farm. Check out The Dirt Farmers post for sneak peek at the images we have found for you, and don't forget to share with your friends if you find it helpful.


For more information on Farmville's Long Island Jamboree Farm, Check out the Dirt Farmers Complete Guide.

General Animals

Clubing Bear Gypsy Bear Royal Cloak Bear Tough Guy Beaver
Circus Lion Dapper Sea Lion Mobster Tiger Pin Strip Tiger
Ritzy Tigress Aviator Owl Hoofer Robin News Hawk
       Queen Canary Sharp Eagle Grifter Bison Green Gazaar
Party Server Camel Fashionable Cat Glam Gangster
High Society Bob
Hotsy Totsy Cat Red Sequined Cat Retro Cloak Cat Vintage Chimpanzee
Boater Terrier Hawker Dog Patrol Dog Picky Prairie Dog
Red Prom Dog Marble Dolphin Roaring Dolphin Gangster Duck
Jazz Tap Duck Sailor Duck Spiffy Duck Cool Vintage Elephant
Jazz Player Elephant Silent Star Ferret Balenciaga Fox Sleuth Fox
Bayou Musician Gator Jazz Gator Ballerina Meerkat Bathing Suit Meerkat
Pearl Jellyfish Ball Player Giraffe Maroon Suit Giraffe Vintage Suit Giraffe
Bruno Gorilla Class Gentleman Gorilla Dapper Suit  Gorilla Paparazzi Gorilla
Zoot Gorilla Cool Hat Hippo Long Coat Kangaroo Jazz Night Llama
Pretty Coat Llama Vintage Llama Vintage Style Llama Sheba Mink
Jazz Style
Mustache Monkey Popcorn Vendor Monkey Royal Gown Monkey
      Long Legged Flapper Ostrich Beach Ready Otter Farmhand Pig Dungree Rabbit
Robber Racoon Law Keeper Rhino Bartender Seal Bellboy Seal
Fashion Fur Seal Threaded Wool Sheep Goon Skunk Black Jazz Swan
Fancy Frill Swan Feather Jazz Swan Decorative Tortoise Old Sailor Turtle
Sequin Sea Turtle Gilded Walrus Guard WhaleSmooth Wolf
Chickens and Their Eggs
Bartender Chicken Bartender Chicken Egg
Bulls Cows and Calves
Football Player Bull Fur Love Cow Mikman Cow Posh Fur Cow
Swanky Cow Waitress Cow Football Player Calf Fur Love Calf
Mikman Calf Posh Fur Calf Swanky Calf Waitress Calf
Deer and Their Fawns
Cool Hat Deer Fashion Dress Deer Flapper Dancer Deer Golden Gown Deer
Headlight Deer Zoot Suit Deer Cool Hat Fawn Fashion Dress Fawn
Flapper Dancer Fawn Golden Gown Fawn Headlight Fawn Zoot Suit Fawn
Horses Donkeys and their Foals
American Soldier Horse Classic Checkered Horse Classic Gentleman Horse Flapper Horse

Jazz Maid Horse Prize Horse Summer Parasol Horse .
American Solider Foal Classic Checkered Classic Gentleman Foal Flapper Foal
Jazz Maid Foal Prize Foal Summer Parasol .

Pegacorns Pegasus and their Foals
Jazz Show Pegacorn Sparkling Flapper Pegacorn American Golfer Pegasus Businessman Pegasus
Fripperies Pegasus Glitter Gold Pegasus Madame Pegasus Red Charleston
Winter Vogue Pegasus Jazz Show
Pegasus Foal
Sparkling Flapper Pegacorn Foal American Golfer Pegasus Foal
Businessman Pegasus Foal Fripperies Pegasus Foal Glitter Gold Pegasus Foal Madame Pegasus Foal
. .
. Red Charleston
Pegasus Foal
Winter Vogue Pegasus Foal .
Pony's Stallions Unicorns and their Foals
Classic Jazz Pony Magicians Pony Winning Steed Stallion American Beauty Unicorn

Glamorous Unicorn Vintage Dress Unicorn Classic Jazz Pony Foal Magicians Pony Foal
Winning Steed Unicorn Foal American Beauty Unicorn Foal Glamorous Unicorn Foal Vintage Dress Unicorn Foal
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info
Happy Farming

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