Facebook's LOCKED PROFILE - What It's All About

You may be seeing a new notice on folk's Facebook profiles when browsing for new friends. It says "this profile is locked" What the heck is that all about? Your Dirt Farmer team has the scoop. Read below for details and please share.

    The new LOCKED PROFILE feature is slowly rolling out and has been available in some countries. 

The United States seems to have been added recently and that may be the source of the glitches on March 13, 2019.

We can confirm that team members from the US, UK and Australia have this feature. 

On  a non friends profile you will see this

and this.

If a friend has you on a list with access, clicking their profile pic will include any comments (date shown on the profile pic will be the date it was posted)

If they have it locked to themselves or just a few friends and you don't have full access it will look like this.

To tell if you have the locked profile feature,change your picture or check for the edit button seen below.

If you have it you will be notified that the picture will remain public, but you will have the following options to determine who can see comments or comment themselves. 

That's all for now,stay tuned to the Dirt  Farmer for all the latest FarmVille and Facebook news and information.

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