Farmville An Ancient Saga Farm Crop Yield Chart

A new farm brings new crops to plant and master. What does Farmville’s An Ancient Saga Farm have in store for us? Check below for details and remember to share with friends if you find it helpful.

For more information on Farmville’s An Ancient Saga farm, be sure to check out our Dirt Farmer complete guide

CropCost in CoinsCoin YieldXP GainTimeTerrainMastery

Balsam Pear
11016026 mins600+600+600=1800

Ancient Beach Cherry
125200212 mins600+600+600=1800

Blue Sowthistle
150210223 hrsWater600+600+600=1800

Cape Gooseberry
175255224 minsWater600+600+600=1800

Caterpillar Banana
135210224 mins600+600+600=1800

Cotton Burst Bloom
20030024 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Dogwood Bombs
16023026 hrs 300+300+600=1200

15030034 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Flame Lotus
175255224 mins600+600+600=1800

Ginkgo Fruit
16023026 hrs 300+300+600=1200

Heart Burst Berry
405625223 hrs800+600+600=2000

Hearty Custard Apple
17025026 hrs 300+300+600=1200

Imagem Flower
17525528 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Irvingia Mango
18526028 hrs 300+300+600=1200

Midyim Berry
17525528 hrs Water600+600+600=1800

Nagalinga Flower
19527529 hrs 30 minsWater600+600+600=1800

Paradise Banana
190260212 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Parrots Beak
195400246 hrsWater800+600+600=2000

Peanut Butter Fruit
175260212 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Pini Jambu
11516526 mins300+300+600=1200

Pink Gooseberry
285415215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Pink Whampee
230345215 hrs 54 mins600+600+600=1800

Red Bayberry
255405215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Ruby Strawberry
255405215 hrs 54 mins800+600+600=2000

Salmon Berry
175240212 hrs Water300+300+600=1200

Sunset Cashews
20030024 hrs 600+600+600=1800

Sunkissed Mango
195275217 hrs 54 mins600+600+600=1800

220315217 hrs 54 mins600+600+600=1800

Pink Torch Ginger
180260269 hrs600+600+600=1800

Twilight Mulberry
21030529 hrs 30 mins600+600+600=1800

Yew Berry
405625223 hrs800+600+600=2000

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