Farmville An Ancient Saga Farm Sneak Peek

Hello Farmers!! Farmville An Ancient Saga Farm EARLY ACCESS is on March 4th. Here is a SNEAK PEEK of this NEW Farm. Please share with your friends and stay tuned for more updates!

Farm Name: An Ancient Saga
Early Access Date: March 4th. 2019
General Access Date: March 11th. 2019 
Center-Piece Building: The Bell Palace
Unwither Ring Building: The Lotus Mahal  (Level Up with Heirloom Coins)
Crafting Cottage: The Antiques Centre
Self-Contained Building: The Princely Stables
Land Unlock: Requires Adele's Permit for 9 Unlockable Tiles
Farm Points: Ancient Points
Treasure Parts: Tillage Sickles and Yard Ho's
Main Feature: The League Of Archers

"Welcome to South India! Like a giant wedge plunging into the ocean, South India is the subcontinent's steamy heartland – a lush contrast to the peaks and plains up north. Wherever you go in the south you'll uncover splendid relics of the many civilizations that have inhabited this land over two millennia.

The spectacular rock-cut shrines carved out by Buddhists, Hindus and Jains at Ajanta and Ellora; the palaces, tombs, forts and mosques of Muslim dynasties on the Deccan; Tamil Nadu's inspired Pallava sculptures and towering Chola temples; the magical ruins of the Vijayanagar capital at Hampi…and so much more that you'd need a multitude of incarnations to see it all.

Thousands of kilometers of cascading coastline frame fertile plains, glinting backwaters and rolling hills in South India – a constantly changing landscape kept glisteningly green by the double-barreled monsoon. Across the region, protected wild forests shelter a world of wildlife, from elephants and tigers to monkeys, deer and sloth bears." Source: Lonely Planet

The main feature of the Farmville An Ancient Saga Farm, will be the LEAGUE OF ARCHERS. The best Archers will earn their place in the Kings Guards. Compete to enter the best leagues for the best rewards. You will need GOLDEN ARROWS to unlock tiers on the daily meter.  

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CHARACTERS! Meet the characters that will be playing with us on this NEW FARM! King Gaja, Arya, Meera and Sage Drona!

UPDATE!!! Check below the NEW FARM IMAGES!!! .. including building, crops, vehicles, animals and more! 


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  1. I can't wait! It sounds so interesting. I know this is going to be one of my favorite farms!


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