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Farmville will soon be releasing its next new expansion. This time were getting ready for a real adventure with the all new An Ancient Saga Farm.  As with all new farm expansions An Ancient Saga Farm will have it's own unique Animals fitting the theme of the farm. Check out The Dirt Farmers post for sneak peek at the images we have found for you, and don't forget to share with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information on Farmville's An Ancient Saga Farm, Check out the Dirt Farmers Complete Guide.

General Animals
Baby Topiary Elephant Kathakali Guard Bear Ursine King Bear Tropical Bear
Archer Lion Army Tiger Kandyan Dancer Lion Royalty Lion
Soldier Panther Guard Tiger Flamingo In Disguise Messenger Eagle
Nicobar Fortune Teller Traditonal Owl Devout Buffalo Decked Camel
Folk Dancer Cat Referee Cat Coach Chimpanzee Dholak Chimpanzee
Inventor Dog Lankan Dancer Dog Time Keeper Dog Tawny Dolphin
Golden Scales Dragon Forger Duck Harvest Dancer Duck Kings Duck
Trendy Duck Esala Perahera Elephant Festive Dancer Elephant Garden Flower Elephant
Kurta Elephant Sprinter Elephant The Lord of Elephants Dancing Crocodile
Ceylon Snake Folk Singer Meerkat Gilded Jackal Iraivi Meerkat
Molten Pangolin Snake Dance Meerkat Manura Giraffe Tinted Giraffe
Traditional Giraffe Acrobatic Goat Royal Goat Ascetic Gorilla
Dancing Trivia Gorilla Groom Gorilla Sherwani Hippo Modern Kangaroo
Silk Wear Kangaroo Drumbeat Monkey Kandy Monkey Madari Monkey
Salesman Monkey Ancient Beauty Monkey Angavastra Panda Bandhgala Peacock
Heavenly Peacock Leafy Peacock Silver Peacock White Peacock Bride
Farm Boar Shehnai Player Pig Ferry Rhino Kurta Rhino
Warrior Rhino Golden Rooster Ancient Seahorse Ancient Seal
Kolam Crown Seal Cheerleader Sheep Merchant Sheep Floral Pattern Swan
Mehandi Swan Natyam Swan Sherwani Swan Holi Turtle
Graduate Walrus Dhoti Wolf    
Chickens and Their Eggs
Ethnic Dancer Chicken Ethnic Dancer Chicken Egg
Bulls Cows and Calves
Basava Bull Jallikattu Bull Golden Horn Cow Kathak Cow
Sacred Cow Winner Cow Basava Bull Calf Jallikattu Calf
Golden Horn Calf Kathak Calf Sacred Calf Winner Calf
Deer and Their Fawns
Ancient Traveler Deer Ceylon Deer Dancing Sambar Deer Kandyan Dress Deer
Natya Deer Ancient Traveler Fawn Ceylon Fawn Dancing Sambar Fawn
. .
Kandyan Dress Fawn Natya Fawn . .
Horses Donkeys and their Foals
Bandia Donkey Ethnic Farm Horse Glorious Horse Indian Pattern Horse
Kandy Horse Natyam Horse Pottery Mare Horse Royal Race Horse
Rudra Horse Wedding Horse Wedding Steed Horse Yakshagana Horse
Bandia Donkey Foal Ethnic Farm Foal Glorious Foal Indian Pattern Foal
Kandy Foal Natyam Foal Pottery Mare Foal Royal Race Foal
Rudra Foal Wedding Foal Wedding Steed Foal Yakshagana Foal

Pegacorns Pegasus and their Foals
Ancient Prince Pegacorn Ethnic Pegacorn Folk Dancer Pegacorn Sigiria Lady Pegacorn
Aspara Pegasus Arty Mask Pegasus Ethnic Lankan Pegasus Garuda Champion
Kandyn Pegasus Royal Guard Pegasus Scholarded Pegasus South Wedding Pegasus 
Student Pegasus Surya Pegasus Divine Mount Pegasus Theyyam Pegasus
. . .
White Warrior Pegasus . . .
Ancient Prince Pegacorn Foal Ethnic Pegacorn Foal Folk Dancer
Pegacorn Foal
Sigiria Lady
Pegacorn Foal
Aspara Pegasus Foal Arty Mask
Pegasus Foal
Ethnic Lankan Pegasus Foal Garuda Champion
Pegasus Foal
Kandyn Pegasus Foal Royal Guard
Pegasus Foal
Pegasus Foal
South Wedding
Pegasus Foal
Student Wedding
Pegasus Foal
Surya Pegasus Foal Divine Mount Pegasus Foal Theyyam Pegasus Foal
. . .
White Warrior Pegasus Foal . . .
Pony's Stallions Unicorns and their Foals
Builder Pony Bharatanatyam Unicorn Dholak Unicorn Kandyan Unicorn
Nritya Unicorn Red Kovider Unicorn King Steed Maharaja Zebra
Moroccan Moon Unicorn Moroccan Mosaic Unicorn Builder Pony Foal Bharatanatyam Unicorn Foal
Dholak Player Unicorn Foal Kandyan Unicorn Foal Nritya Unicorn Foal Red Kovider
Unicorn Foal
King Steed Foal Maharaja Zebra Foal Moroccan Moon Unicorn Foal Moroccan Mosaic Unicorn Foal
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info
Happy Farming

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