Farm Run 2019 Winter Wonderland Questions & Answers

Starts February 18 -  Each stage of the FarmVille Farm Run 2019 will have sets of questions to earn extra points to help you finish faster. Check out Winter Wonderland's below SPOILER ALERT-  WITH ANSWERS and please do share.....

1 Which of these is the Winter Wonderland's Tractor?
Winter Tractor
Winter Tractor
2 Which of these is the Winter Wonderland Cow?
Telemark Cow
Telemark Cow
3 Which of these cute rabbits will you find in Winter Wonderland?
Polar Hare
Polar Hare
4 Which of these is a Winter Wonderland crop?
gummi bear
Gummi Bear
5 Which of these is NOT a Winter Wonderland crop?
family foxglove
Family Foxglove
6 Pick the Rice crop native to Winter Wonderland.
Iced Rice
Iced Rice
7 Pick the Winter Wonderland's building.
general store
General Store
8 Which Unwither ring belongs to Winter Wonderland?
unwither ring
Unwither Ring
9 Pick the Winter Wonderland Chicken Coop.
chicken coop
Chicken Coop
10 Which of these recipes CANNOT be made in the Sweet Shoppe?
pumpkin bread
Pumpkin Bread
11 Which recipe will you craft in the Sweet Shoppe?
fruit cake
Fruit Cake
12 Pick the Horse of the Winter Wonderland.
Dole Horse or Foal (Foal is the coded animal)
Dole HorseDole Foal
13 Pick the Winter Wonderland Garage.
14 Which of these does NOT belong to Winter Wonderland?
Fable Combine
Fable Combine
15 Which of these is a Winter Wonderland animal?
green sweater terrier
Green Sweater Terrier
16 Which is a crop from the Winter Wonderland?
gummi bear
Gummi Bear
17 Which of these Cute Pigs can be found in Winter Wonderland?
snowflake pig 
Snow Flake Pig
18 Pick the building NOT from Winter Wonderland.
southern mansion
Southern Mansion
19 Which of these is a Winter Wonderland's Storage Cellar?
winter storage cellar
Winter Storage Cellar
20 Pick the Tree that can be placed on the Winter Wonderland.
polar tree
Polar Tree
21 Which recipe is NOT from Sweet Shoppe?
blueberry cupcake
Blueberry Cupcake

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