Farm Run 2019 Australia Questions & Answers

Starts February 18 -  Each stage of the FarmVille Farm Run 2019 will have sets of questions to earn extra points to help you finish faster. Check out Australia's below SPOILER ALERT-  WITH ANSWERS and please do share.....


1 Which of these will you find in the streets of Australia?
Answer - Outback lamp post
2 Which of these is a Vineyard Fence?
Answer - vineyard fence
3 Which of these is a bushtail possum?
Answer - Brushtail Possum
4 Which is a Aussie Harvester?
Answer -Aussie harvester
5 Which Outhouse do you use in Australia?
Answer - Aussie outhouse
6 Which of these is a Wine Barrell?
Answer -
7 Which of these crops will you find in Australia?
Answer - Australian Barley
8 Which Garage do you build in Australia?
Answer - Australian Garage
9 Which of these is NOT an Australian Tree?
Answer -Cresthaven Peach Tree
10 Which of these is an Australian dog?
Answer - Black Australian Cattle Dog
11 Which one of these is a Tasmanian Sphinx?
Answer - Tasmanian Sphinx
12 Which one of these is an Albino Wallaby?
Answer - Albino Wallaby
13 Pick the building NOT from Australia.
Answer - Tree House Africana
14 Pick the Australian fallow.
Answer - Fallow Deer
15 Pick the animal NOT from Australia.
Answer - Space Goat

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