PWNED Attack 2019 - Find Out If Your Data Has Been Stolen

Oh no! The biggest DATA BREACH in HISTORY has been discovered. More than three quarters of a BILLION  accounts have been leaked! Was yours one? or more...? That's over 60 Million more than the one we told you about in this post , back in September of 2017. What is going on with the January 2019 leak? What can you do to protect yourself? Your Dirt Farmer team has the answers. Read below to find out - and please do share.

Revealed by Troy Hunt - creator  and owner of the Have I Been PWNED site, and many others including Forbes Magazine, this breach is known as Collection 1 and has been posted to forums and other hacker sites available to anyone. Email addresses, and email password combos are among the data. Mr Hunt
 is a Microsoft Engineer and security expert and provides Have I Been PWNED free to check your safety. For more information on Troy Hunt's credentials click here

Then type in your email address in the box as shown below - they will NOT request your passwords.

Then scroll down, any data breach that the site covers, which your email address has been part of will be shown with explanation. If there are any that you were not aware of/haven't handled previously, you will then want to change your password. 

An example of what you will see if your address has been compromised.

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.

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