Magic of Morocco Farm Adele Bistro -Rewards and Awards

As we've come to expect, FarmVille Magic of Morocco's main feature ADELE BISTRO has its own set of rewards to earn along the way. Check below for a preview and please share our post if you like it.

While the entire feature gives you until February 25, 2019 to gather acclaim to earn the rewards, there is a bit of an extra challenge built in. There is an incentive for working harder as hitting milestones by specific dates offers additional rewards.

These awards are targeted at 250 (Jan 28), 500 (Feb 4),750 (Feb 11)and 950 Feb 18) acclaim respectively. If you are able to reach those acclaim levels by those dates. 

Each will offer a culinary service award and bonus prize if the goal is met. There is one hint indicating that the awards grant extra acclaim, but not enough evidence visible to us to prove it or determine the exact amount. If you discover an amount, please let us know. 

Bonus Chart
Acclaim Total Required 250 500 750 950
Deadline Date January 28,
February 4,
February 11,
February 18,
Award Image
Award Name Foodie's Favorite Certificate Heavenly Food
Food Academy
Gourmet King
Bonus Prize Image  
Bonus Prize Name Blanca
Canvas Duck
 Sand Cow
Strawberry Spot
Wind Stripe

Bonus Prize Offspring 
Morrocan Sand Calf Strawberry Sand Fawn Wind Stripe Foal

There are seven daily changes at the beginning of the feature. Each has a reward and an acclaim goal for the day. It appears that if you miss the goal, the timer resets, but the prize remains the same until you earn it or the feature expires. While we can't be sure of the order at this time, we do have a preview of the seven rewards for you.

Daily Challenges
Desert Mosaic Panther Moroccan Night Horse Morocco Heart Horse
Adobe Flower Deer Moroccan Razzle Pegasus Purple Blaze Pegasus
Moroccan Maiden Unicorn

The offspring of the Daily Challenge Rewards

Daily Challenge Offspring
Moroccan Night
Moroccan Heart
Moroccan Razzle
Pegasus Foal
Purple Blaze
Pegasus Foal
Moroccan Maiden
Unicorn Foal
Adobe Flower Fawn

There are three milestones along the way at which you will receive rewards.

The first milestone offers a farm essentials package, This contains consumables - 3 turbo chargers, 3 Superfertilizer and 3 Fuel Refills.

If you purchased early access you will also receive the Golden Hawk Chicken

The second milestone offers a building parts package, you will receive 8 of each treasure part and 3 of each big buildable part.

If you purchased early access, you will also receive the Blanca Art Bull which produces the adorable Blanca Art Bull Calf

The third milestone offers the  
Moroccan Moon Unicorn Which produces the 
Moroccan Moon Unicorn Foal

If you purchased early access you will also receive the Bronze Line Pony Which produces the Bronze Line Pony Foal

Which produces the Bronze Line Pony Foal.

of course the usual consumables possible to harvest from the Bistro, which you will be able to harvest daily until March 4,2019.

You can earn extra acclaim by unlocking or purchasing tiles. You  collect this extra acclaim by clicking the collect button at the bottom of the Adele Bistro screen. You get one acclaim per tile unlocked  every 12 hours. 

Finally at 1, 000 points, the reward would be the Bistro and animal package

 which,  includes the Moroccan Mosaic Unicorn (Shown with its foal)

and the Moroccan Pearl Deer (shown with its fawn)

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