Magic of Morocco Farm Adele Bistro Overview & Tips

FarmVille's new Magic of Morocco farm has a main feature that will give you a sense of deja vu.  Almost exactly like Pelican Reef's Fab's Gourmet Delights, we will be helping Adele build her dream Bistro, by earning  acclaim to expand her clientele. Your Dirt Farmer team has an overview for you with tips to help you along. Check out the details and please share if you find it helpful....

For more information about the

Magic Of Morocco farm, be sure to check out our Magic Of Morocco complete guide

You will need a total of 1,000 acclaim to complete the feature. We have until February 25,2019 to earn acclaim. You can harvest the Bistro from the time that you make your goal of 1,000 acclaim  and until March 4th, 2019.

Here's a look at the feature's loading screen.It shows you the final building that you will win by completing the feature in time and a preview of one of the prizes.

To access and play Adele Bistro either click on the icon beside your neighbor bar.

Or the building itself , beside the Palace Hotel to the right of your farm.

How to gain acclaim. 

The main method of gaining acclaim is by doing tasks from the order board, which is on
 the left side of the feature.

Everyone's path to 1,000 may be different, as you can TRASH any task that you do not want to play. There is a red trash button at the lower left of each order.

 The random assortment on your order board can repeat as you go. If there are some tasks that you do not want to play at all,even later in the feature, others will take their place.

When you TRASH a task, there is a two hour waiting period for a replacement. This feature does not have a strict daily average required, simply to complete the feature on time to win the final prize- this is why it is a 2 hour wait as opposed to the main farm features with daily goals that have the 15 minute wait.

Each task will give you specifics of what you will need to do to earn the amount of acclaim  in the upper left corner of the task box.

The exceptions to this are the ANIMAL & TREE tasks that give a quantity to harvest, but will only count specific animals and trees. You can find a list of which animals and trees will count by clicking the word here.

One of the tasks that we will face at random intervals will be posting for ADELE COASTERS. While the amounts of ADELE COASTERS that you will need to complete the task are 7,15 and 25 - each post has a click limit of TEN. We recommend joining the Dirt Farmer's Quest & More Help group, to get the rest more quickly by helping friends.

You can also earn additional acclaim by unlocking land expansions. Whether you wait for a task- earned free unlock 

or opt to purchase land for farm cash,

 any expansion that you acquire will give you a franchise 

which will grant 1 additional acclaim every 12 hours. You can click on the collect box to collect it, once you own at least one expansion. 

You can have up to a total of EIGHT franchises.

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