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As has become usual since Straits of Ardour , FarmVille Magic of Morocco will have a farm specific feature. There will be many tasks we need to do. The crop, craft and building related tasks will tell you specifically what you need to do.These will be in a later post. The animal and tree harvesting tasks are a different story. What exactly counts for those? That can seem a bit random. Never fear, your Dirt Farmer team has the answers. Read below for the charts and please do share our post if you find it helpful.

For more information on Magic of Morocco farm, be sure to check out our complete guide

First a look at the ANIMALS that can be harvested 

Quantity Of ANIMALS To Harvest & Task Points

ANIMALS That Will Count For Harvesting Task
Arab Headdress SheepJabador DolphinMoroccan Police Ferret
Arabian Mosaic UnicornJewelled Moroccan UnicornMoroccan Squirrel
Arabian Mosaic Unicorn FoalJewelled Moroccan Unicorn FoalMoroccan Teal
Atlas Mountain CalfJewelled Wing PegasusMorocco Giraffe
Atlas Mountain YakJewelled Wing Pegasus FoalMorocco Gown Deer
Atlas Range CalfKaftan GiraffeMorocco Gown Fawn
Atlas Range CowKaftan SwanMorocco Ride Donkey
Berber Bead ToadKaftan Wedding LlamaMorocco Ride Donkey Foal
Berber CamelKawafil FoalMorocco Traditional Meerkat
Berber FoxKawafil HorseMorocco Unicycle Monkey
Berber LlamaMaroc FoalMosaic Seal
Berber RhinoMaroc HorseMusician's Foal
Berber TurtleMarrakech FoalMusician's Horse
Blue Mosaic PeacockMarrakech HorseOasis Cat Queen
Blue Turban KangarooMarrakesh Mosaic CalfOld Moroccan Ibis
Casablanca Pattern GiraffeMarrakesh Mosaic CowOrnate Kimono Swan
Casablancan DogMarrakesh Printed PonyPainted Elephant
Ceremony MonkeyMarrakesh Printed Pony FoalPrincess Caftan Pegasus
Chalk Star UnicornMarrakesh SeahorsePrincess Caftan Pegasus Foal
Chalk Star Unicorn FoalMarrakesh Trend PegacornPrinted Bag Calf
Cymbals MonkeyMarrakesh Trend Pegacorn FoalPrinted Bag Cow
Dark PegasusMedallion DuckProfessor Owl
Dark Pegasus FoalMeknes DeerRoyal Lioness
Desert Fairy PegacornMeknes FawnRoyal Saharan Elephant
Desert Fairy Pegacorn FoalMoorish DuckRoyale Gem Cat
Desert King GoatMoorish FoalSaharan Camel
Desert Traditional BearMoorish Gems RhinoSaharan Cheetah
Desert Water Carry FoalMoorish HorseSaharan Monkey
Desert Water Carry HorseMorning Gold BearSaharawi Deer
Djellaba CamelMoroccan Arrival DolphinSaharawi Fawn
Dressed up PorcupineMoroccan Blue WhaleSea Daisy Seal
Emerald Sand CatMoroccan BottlenoseShayla Duck
Essaouira CamelMoroccan Bride PegasusSleepy Monk Seal
Euclid's Lotus FoalMoroccan Bride Pegasus FoalSun baked Gundi
Euclid's Lotus HorseMoroccan Costume GoatTile Flower Sheep
Fancy Moroccan BearMoroccan Dressed PegasusTiznit Seal
Festival Colt FoalMoroccan Dressed Pegasus FoalTrader Macaque
Festival StallionMoroccan Drummer GorillaTraditional Addax
Fez Hat ElephantMoroccan Fashion DeerTraditional Addax Fawn
Fleur De Morroco CalfMoroccan Fashion FawnTraditional Berber Deer
Fleur De Morroco CowMoroccan FennecTraditional Berber Fawn
Gemstone DogMoroccan Fennec FoxTraditional Moorish Fox
Great Saharan UnicornMoroccan Flower CatTraveller Crocodile
Great Saharan Unicorn FoalMoroccan HyenaTurk Performer Foal
Haik Dress MonkeyMoroccan Kaftan LlamaTurk Performer Horse
Hypno Swirl HippoMoroccan LeopardWestern Moroccan Kangaroo

Next a look at the TREES that can be harvested 

Quantity Of TREES To Harvest & Task Points

Trees That Will Count For Harvesting Task
Aquamarine Pomegranate TreeGiant Berber Rug TreeGiant Tajine Pot Tree
Arabian Lamp TreeGiant Bristly Pear TreeGiant Tajines Tree
Argan Goat TreeGiant Desert Candy TreeMarble Moroccan Tree
Argan Morocco TreeGiant Fes Lantern TreeMarrakech Jewel Tree
Berber Hat TreeGiant Festival Curtain TreeMirror Cedar Tree
Berber Rug TreeGiant Marble Moroccan TreeMoroccan Carpet Tree
Bristly Pear TreeGiant Marrakech Jewel TreeMoroccan Olive Tree
Desert Candy TreeGiant Mirror Cedar TreeMoroccan Palm Tree
Fes Lantern TreeGiant Moroccan Carpet TreeMosaic Vine Tree
Festival Curtain TreeGiant Moroccan Olive TreeMountain Cedrus Tree
Giant Aquamarine Pomegranate TreeGiant Moroccan Palm TreeRabat Pattern Tree
Giant Arabian Lamp TreeGiant Mosaic Vine TreeRed Coned Fir Tree
Giant Argan Goat TreeGiant Mountain Cedrus TreeSaharan Tapestry Tree
Giant Argan Morocco TreeGiant Rabat Pattern TreeTajine Pot Tree
Giant Berber Hat TreeGiant Red Coned Fir TreeTajines Tree
Giant Saharan Tapestry Tree

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