The Dirt Farmer Christmas Contest 2018


Hello Farmers!!! If you want to WIN a Papa Dirt Prize: Any UWR or Double Statue from the Market .. EASY PEASY!!! Post a Comment below on THIS PAGE with the prize you want and your UID Number (number left side under your farm). Have Fun and Good Luck!!!

HOW TO COMMENT? Scroll down to Comments and like the below picture shows CLICK on the Facebook icon and the comment box will open. If box does not open try another browser.

Type the EXACT NAME of the prize you want (Example: Double Aussie Statue) or if you choose an Unwither Ring please be specific and tell us the name of the farm it belongs to (Example: Unwither Ring for English Countryside). Check the names of ALL PRIZES in our Papa Dirt's Prizes Guide HERE.

*** Contest ENDS on December 25th and Winners will be announced on Sunday December 30th at 8:00PM on the Dirt Farmer LIVE Farmville Radio Show HERE.

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  1. UWR for The Winter Noel Game ID 578117398. Thanks!

  2. Winter Fable Double Points Statue

  3. Unwither Ring for English Countryside would be great

    1. Hello .. please enter your farm uid number (number on the bottom left side of your farm) so you can participate in the contest. Thanks.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Anita, please tell us the name of the farm you wish to have the UWR, so you can participate in the contest. Thanks.

  5. Unwither ring for Fields of El Dorado Game ID: 1536956619


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