Farmville A Winter Fable Farm Decorations

     As with all new Farms Farmville has themed decoration for farmers to decorate their new farms with.  We have found images below for all the decorations for your upcoming new farm A Winter Fable Farm. 

     For more complete information please check out The Dirt Farmers Complete Guide to A Winter Fable Farm.


Christmas Fairy GnomeTomte GnomeViking Warrior Gnome Anglo Saxon Cart
Big Feast TableA Winter Fable BillboardBlackwood LongboatBrave Viking
Celebratory ChimneyChristmas CarouselChristmas FlamesChristmas Loghouse
Crystal GlobeDecorated ArchwayDream BaubleFestive Fever Tricycle
Festive Mead BarrelFestive Water RiderGiant Candy CaneGifting Nisser
Glowing OrnamentHoliday SpireHolly Letter MailboxIcicle Sculpture
Jingle CharoitKing's Giftbox Kissing DolliesLit Up Crates
Log Candle Towers Merry Wood CarvingMistletoe Lamp Post Moonbeam Sleigh
Morning PostNick's Gift BoxOld Festive LanternOld Frozen Well
Pinecone SnowmenPine Tree ArchSanta Air Balloon Santas Gift Boat
Santa StatueScandinavian Xmas FenceSeason's BannerShining Lighthouse
Snowy Hay Yule GoatStocking Pole Stone Nick The Lost Hammer
The Toughest Snowman Viken Fishing BoatViken Nutcracker Viking Couple
Viking HandcartViking LongshipWarrior's Ice SculptureWood Carved Pole
Wreath Fountain Wreath Lamp PostYule Fun BillyYule Goat Ornaments
Yule Party Boat-   -    .

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.

Happy Farming

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