Farmville A Winter Fable Farm Buildings

Farmville's newest expansion A Winter Fable Farm has it's own themed Buildings.  These will come in handy when we decide to decorate our newest farm.  We have found images below for all the Buildings for your upcoming farm.  Please don't forget to share this post with your friends if you find it helpful.
For more complete information please check out The Dirt Farmers Complete Guide to A Winter Fable Farm.
Buildings Names Celebratory Chimney Christmas Farm House Festive Longhouse
Frosty Christmas House Gingerbread Villa Nordic Snow House Nordic Temple
Old Nick's Watchtower Red Scandi House Santa Hat House Stave Bell Tower
Tiled Viking Tower Viking Longhouse Viking Shipyard Viking Stave House
Yule Tower Ancestral Barracks

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.
Happy Farming

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